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Wish her a special Karva Chauth this year

The debate about whether Karva Chauth is misogynist or not is a matter of subjective opinion, but here are a few things men can do that could make the women who fast for them feel special.

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Anil Kapoor, Actor
“Fasting with your wife is a great idea but I do something even better. Considering the women of our family celebrate Karva Chauth together and often invite their friends to join in, I mostly take charge of organising the party. The fasting can leave you feeling listless so I don’t let my wife exert at all. Her wish is my command and whatever she wants, I ensure it is done. So right from calling and confirming with people to getting the Panditji, I enjoy taking charge. And most importantly, I make sure I am not working on Karva Chauth! It is the least one can do.”


12806024_568600893302554_4257790001376222389_nAshay Dhopatkar, Chef
“The saying, ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, could hold true for women too! In today’s day and age, gender equality is not an option, it is the way to be! So Karva Chauth could be a day when you cook for your wife. In I do not believe in typeset roles that women should be expected to perform. Men eat too, so there is no reason why they shouldn’t cook, and not just as chefs, but as husbands too. While Karva Chauth is a perfect day for a man to take charge of the kitchen and let the wife chill, don’t restrict exhibiting your culinary skills for special days only. Set aside at least two meals in a week when you surprise your wife and become a chef par excellence!”

sanjay-duttSanjay Dutt, Actor
“Karva Chauth is a tough one to keep. I don’t think I have the strength to do it and so I admire and respect my wife even more for keeping it. I have never forced her to keep it or not; I think it is a matter of her beliefs. But I pitch in by taking care of the children. It is not a task at all because I love spending time with the kids anyway. Maybe this year you should do this too. Take charge of the children completely – whatever you do – don’t bother your wife when she is fasting today. It will be a welcome change for everyone. Your wife will get some rest, and you will get a chance to bond with the children.”

chetan-bhagatChetan Bhagat, Author
“A few years ago, I started the hashtag #Fastforher. Equality in marriage is making the same sacrifices for each other. So #Fastforher is only fair. I do that for my wife and I have come across several men from all age groups who fast for their wives too. Let’s make #Fastforher a great thing to do forever!”



Chef Ashay also shares a recipe for a Carrot & Orange Soup that you can make for your wife this Karva Chauth.

Wash 300gm carrot under running water and peel and slice them. Peel and slice 50gm white onion. Sweat the onions in 100gm butter in a pan on a low flame. Add 1 clove garlic, 3gm thyme, 10gm candied ginger and carrots. Cook them slightly so that the moisture comes out. Add 150ml orange juice and 200ml vegetable stock & allow it to simmer for 20 minutes. Adjust consistency with stock if needed. After seasoning, blend and strain through a fine strainer. Serve hot with a garnish of reduced cream and finely chopped candied ginger or just parsley oil.


Text by Aarti Kapur Singh

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