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Welcome to royal cuisine at Days of the Raj

Veg Railway CutletsSituated a little away from the hustle and bustle of the city (mind you …its in the busy streets of Delhi itself…just strategically located) is DOR (Days of the Raj). Decorated under the influence from the days of the British Raj, the impeccable décor of the restaurant takes you back to the past.

Restaurant interior

The courteous and the friendly service rendered by the men at the restaurant compel you to pay a visit more than often. Lavish spread of appetizers like ‘Rajasthani murg ka shwle’ (hot and spicy chicken kebabs) were not only soft and tender in its texture but mouthwatering too. Then came the ‘Veg Railway Cutlets’. Unique as it name, these cutlets contained mashed potatoes and many more as its fillings. Served with French potato fries, these fries are by themselves wonderful. If you are trying out this Veg Railway cutlets do not miss out on the salad and the mint sauce that accompany it. Then was served ‘Punjabi Fish Tikka Patiala Shahi’. Indeed a shahi dish in true sense of the term. Although extremely hot (not for the faint hearted), with all teary eyes we carried on with the dish. It was just unstoppable.

Assorted bread with Indian mains
Assorted bread with Indian mains

After having this plethora of starters, there was hardly any reason to venture into the gastronomy odyssey. But the starters held a symbol of true pledge for the main course that was yet to follow. As a true and ardent food lover, it was a sure call, difficult to ignore. Steadily and in fact quite quickly we decided to start with the main course. Varieties of rotis ranging from ‘Khasta Roti’ to ‘Missi Roti’ to ‘Lal Mirch ka Parantha’ to ‘Hari Mirch ka Roti’ were served as delectable palette. One best part of this whole experience was quantity and variety never overshadowed the quality and the taste. Interestingly, the rotis were not only different in its nomenclature but also the taste and look varied. Side dishes like ‘Khumbh Makhai Palak’ (corn and spinach), ‘Veg Jhalfarezi’ and ‘Mutton Rogan Josh’ were not only royal but just out of the world. It is indeed rare to find someone preparing both vegetarian and non vegetarian food with equal proficiency and expertise. Last but not the least, ‘DOR Special Pudding’ not only looked special but tasted brilliantly. Without saccharine over dosage, it is the best dessert option for even the people without sugar tooth.

A quick look around and a bit of questioning revealed during dinner there are daily live performances with Ghazals, Sufi songs and Bollywood numbers (except Monday and Tuesday). Next time, I am sure to drop around dinner time. The curiosity will compel me and my art loving heart to pay a visit soon.

If you love the royal cuisine and want to indulge some of the gourmet from the days of the British Raj, then DOR is just the place for you.

Text by Rai Chakraborty
Images by Days of the Raj