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Weekly detox is the key to slay this festive season

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The best bit about the festive season is the food and drinks, but they also come with a lot of unwanted weight and fat gain. Right from Diwali to Christmas to New Years’ and Lohri, with several weddings, parties and soirees, most of us indulge ourselves a bit much during the season of celebrations. But if we want to look and feel our best for the many do’s that dot our social calendar, it is important to strike the right balance between indulgence and austerity. We spoke with a few Bollywood beauties to ask them how they manage to slay every party and celebration and yet look ready for the next one. The unanimous answer was “detox, every other week or so”. Read on to know more…

 Jacqueline Fernandez

“One of the coolest ways of detoxing post and during the festive season is through a juice cleanse. Fresh fruits and vegetables juiced without added sugar, preservatives, and concentrate. These are easy to digest and ideal to give the gut a break! On my days off I do tend to take over the kitchen and whip up my very own smoothies and juices, some typical products I always tend to use in my cleanse are superfoods including chia seeds, ginger, wheatgrass, pineapple, activated charcoal, and aloe vera. However, with my schedule it’s usually next to impossible to have the luxury of time, for times like that, RAW Pressery’s Fiber Cleanse is an ideal detox drink. This cleanse is a healthy compilation of four delicious juices, two yummy veggie soups and fat cutting booster which will pave your way to a leaner you.”

Dia Mirza

“I think it is important to give your system a rest every 3-4 days during the season of celebrations and partying. I start my mornings with warm water and fresh lime to detox. If I have eaten really rich and heavy food at a party, for the next two days I eat simple food without too much spice and oil or eat lots of fresh and wholesome fruit and veggies. I also swear by green tea – it gives miraculous results because it is awesome for digestion if you have pigged yourself out. It also helps flush out toxins. Some exercise also helps keep the metabolism going. I do squats, push-ups, suryanamaskar, and abdominal exercises to strengthen my core. I do that for one minute or three minutes at a time. That basically maintains the body. A general rule I follow even for events and parties is that I eat is to eat more fatty food in the first half of the day and reduce the carbohydrate intake by the evening.”

Disha Patani

“I should be fair and confess that it is not just the festivities and celebrations that are my vice. Sometimes if I am shooting in exotic locations, I end up satiating my inner foodie. So as soon as I return, I immediately work it off in the gym. But only after sleeping for two days straight. But it is important to be consistent with loving yourself. It is a commitment you make to yourself. So yes, if I have gone overboard with food, I won’t starve myself, but replace some foods in my diet for the next few days. I begin having boiled or steamed vegetables, grilled fish and chicken and cut out dressings from my salads. I also have ‘no sugar days’ where I won’t have a single grain of sugar, except for the natural sugars I may get from fruits. I also drink flavoured water – infused with cucumber, mint and lemons – that really works for me.”

Kriti Sanon

“Festive season or not, I always start my day by drinking warm water with honey. For breakfast, I have two eggs, two brown breads and a glass of fresh juice or protein shake. Lunch is mostly two chapattis or brown rice and any vegetable or fish. For evening snacks, I sometimes take a cup of corn with a protein shake. Spicy or fried food is a big no-no. Thankfully I am very fond of fruits. I have a salad with every meal for freshness and vitality. I love butter chicken and sometimes do indulge more than I should. So then I happily forego carbs for the next two days and have only fresh fruits and vegetarian. I don’t stick to a particular diet plan but believe in making healthy choices on a day-to-day basis. The basic rule I follow is that I listen to my body. So I do give in to cravings every now and then though I try not to go overboard. If I have overeaten, my body feels sick and bloated. So then I cleanse the system by having more of fresh food rather than cooked. Green tea is excellent as a detox drink to flush out toxins. I have it twice a day.”


Text by Aarti Kapur Singh

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