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Wandering gourmand in Dubai

Harees; Image Credit

Dubai is one of the world’s most breathtaking dining destinations, a sprawling city with unmatched multicultural cuisine. The regular influx of people from across the globe ensures that the Arab city gets the best cuisine, be it continental, European, Asian or more.

In the midst of all this, one should not forget that the local Emirati food, better known as Levantine food, is also there to savour. There are numerous options to indulge in such as hummus, a famous dip made with chickpeas and sesame seeds, or shawarma, the middle-eastern version of wraps with roasted meat. Traditionally Arabs used camels, goats and often fish from the Arabian Sea to fulfil their meat needs, but today there are many dishes prepared with chicken as well. Chicken was introduced to Arab by westerners as oil boom and globalisation led many western people migrate to the Middle East for better avenues.

Those familiar with Old Dubai would know the significance of one-pot meals in Emirati cuisine. Being in a desert region with a scarcity of water the one-pot dishes reduce the number of dishes to be washed and were also easy to carry from one place to another, especially for travellers. To get a taste of traditional meal in Dubai, one must try Harees. Served mostly during celebrations and religious holidays, Harees is one of the most popular dishes. To prepare this dish meat is cooked with broken wheat in an earthen pot and is cooked until the meat dissolves into the wheat. The dish is mostly prepared on a coal fire, and its consistency varies between a dumpling and porridge. The coal fire makes the dish even more delectable.

You can visit Karak, Seven Sands, Al Fanar, Arabian Tea House or Rigag restaurant to eat the traditional Emirati food.

The city of Dubai offers ample staying options for long as well as short duration travellers. One of the options to explore is the JW Marriott Dubai, as the hotel is a perfect example of opulence and comfort. The hotel is located just minutes away from the Dubai Airport and offers travellers an accessible location to the City of Gold.


Text by Supriya Aggarwal

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