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Tonino Ristorante – raising the bar of Italian cuisine

Tonino RistoranteThe passion for making Italian cuisine a favourite of the Indian taste buds was the motive behind starting ‘Tonino Ristorante’. The passion is clear by the fact that Tonino has completed a decade in the country’s food capital, Delhi. Huge dining space with options to enjoy food in open air or with dim lighting indoors, Tonino is perfect for any occasion; from a business meeting to a private date.

In a city where restaurants are opening and closing with the blink of an eye, this Italian restaurant has been able to make a mark with its relishing food at the same time maintaining the quality. It has followed the mantra of making its primary cuisine taste so exquisite that the customers start to love the authentic Italian menu. In an exclusive invite, I went to the 10th anniversary celebration of Tonino Ristorante recently to experience the amazing food and humble hospitality.

The place offers a wide variety of beverages. I picked up the ‘Chardonnay principeso igt 2012′ colloquially, the White wine. It was a lovely white varital tasting citrus melon and apple with a hint of sandalwood. It’s crisp and freshness made it a great complement to the foods that were to follow.

They had the most amazing breads with meticulously made chutneys to savour. In the starters, I tried ‘V Insala Rucola Con Pere, Pomodoro Picoli E Caprino’ the dish contained a blend of Rocket leaves with pears, cherry tomatoes, pinenuts with honey balsamic dressing. Little had I imagined that plain Rocket leaves in any blend could be so delighting. In addition to this, the restaurant served ‘ V Asparagi Bellavista 650′. It had fresh asparagus with roasted pepper and chilly crumbs.

In the Primi piatti, i.e, the first course they had prepared a ‘V tortellini Di Spinaci Ricottaa’. This dish wad made of Spinach Ricotta and Basil tortellini with truffle oil and parmesan butter cream. Butter cream gave it a very soft texture and melted as soon as it entered the mouth. They also serve amazing thin crust pizzas along with this dish. The quality of cheese used would delight even the most critical taste buds.

Apart from this, for the main course, I ordered ‘V tour of Italy’. This was a combination of Farrotto, vegetable Lasagne with grilled zucchini and peppers. All the dishes tasted inexplicably delicious and at the same time, did full justice to the authentic Italian flavour.

Now was the time for desserts. Although our palates were already too delighted to eat anything else when you are served a classic ‘Tiramisu’ made with espresso flavoured mascarpone cheese, you cannot say no. Not just this, there was ‘Chocolate Lasagna’ which had layers of chocolate cake with white and dark chocolate served warm with vanilla ice-cream.

Tonino Ristorante is a must visit for all the Italian food lovers. For those who are sceptical about their love for Italian cuisine, Tonino will leave no room for doubts after your visit.

Address: 76/27, Near Andheria More, Mehrauli, New Delhi
Meal for two: Rs. 2000 approx



Text by Radhika Kandhari


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