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Time stands still at Lakshman Sagar

Lakshman Sagar
Lakshman Sagar

Little dark clouds floated in the sky, little drops of rain were falling on the car on my way to Lakshman Sagar. Lush green landscape was all around as the car moved swiftly towards Pali from Ajmer. This didn’t look like the Rajasthan I had seen earlier, no desert, no dry air, the green glimmered as the rain water fell on it. This was just the beginning of an awesome day.

Reaching Pali was more fun than what I had thought. We crossed two railways junctions, gates closed, trucks in the middle of the road, people dressed in typical Rajasthani clothes, men wearing dhoti, kurta and blazing turbans. Most of the men had pierced ears. A shepherd was breeding his sheep. Getting out of the car, I stood in front of the closed railway ‘fatak’ and clicked the train which was coming at the slowest speed possible.

Weaving our way through narrow mud village roads, we were at Lakshman Sagar. Run by Sewara Hospitality, this is a place for nature lovers. Nothing in the world can prepare for you for the breathtaking natural beauty in this place. Chiselled amongst rocky hills are narrow pathways. Nothing disturbs the colours of nature, except a dasha of pink or blue here and there. The 12 cottages made from mud and stone blend beautifully into the trees. The resort has all the modern amenities but it is an architectural marvel!

There is no formal reception, open skies and lovely drinks greet you. The staff tells me that this is a 19th-century hunting lodge. Nothing of the lodge stands but two structures painted cream are the Zanana and Mardana. The Mardana is the common dining area and there is place to read and play games on the terrace. We watched the sun shifting into hues of reds, purples and giving way to the darkest night lying on charpais. The cool wind sizzled over us and suddenly the sound of the train made us stand up and look towards the horizon where the lights of the train shone.

In the centre of the resort is a natural pool where animals would come to drink water. Now visitors can catch fish and spend time watching the beautiful birds. Actually this is peacock country, they sing from morning to night. An ancient banyan tree is their residence. It also has a swing.

The interesting part is that the food is organic and home-made. You will simply love the freshness.

The cottage is a fantastic place. No TV, no electronic disturbances, it is where you can forget the troubles and discover your peaceful space. You need to see it to believe it.

Walk around the area and nature will show you a different colour at every corner.

Facilities: The Zanana & Mardana, Common dining and lounging areas, common swimming pool (cut out of a natural rock) and private splash pools with Jacuzzi nozzles, sun-deck on dam for sunbathing & leisure, books & board games, customized menu & itinerary, guided excursions & activities, private lake: lounge decks, customized private dining & live cooking, organic vegetable garden

Experiences: Yoga & meditation,  Guided nature walks, Breakfast in the fields, Vegetable harvesting, Village tour & Raipur fort visit, Customised juttis & jewellery, Jeep  safari, Trek:  Fatehgarh fort, Sundowner on the terrace, Local liquor tasting, Live barbeque: bonfire & cocktails, Lakeside dinner: local music performances

Address:  Sewara Hospitality & Development, T- 210 J Shahpur Jat, Ground Floor, Behind Panchsheel Club, New Delhi -110049.
+91-11-26494531/32; 9990336750

Text by Ambica Gulati

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