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THN Exclusive: Kitty Ko, brand new lounge at The Lalit, Chandigarh

thn-exclusive-kitty-ko-brand-new-lounge-at-the-lalit-chandigarh-3A definite crowd-puller and a popular jaunt across metros in India, Kitty Su at The Lalit in Chandigarh is the most popular nightclub of the tricity. The brainchild of The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group Executive Director Keshav Suri, has been voted Best Nightclub at the Times Food and Nightlife Awards two years in a row. And OKO, its award-winning Pan-Asian restaurant is a favourite with the crème de la crème. The best of both worlds have now combined to create another fantastic space within the precincts of Lalit Chandigarh in the form of Kitty Ko – their first open-air lounge area within the hotel. With USPs ranging from Kitty Su’s motto “Fashion, Champagne & Music”, a stunning alfresco space that extends to the pool area, provision for full band live diffusion, delicate food selection from the best fine dining outlet of the Lalit Chandigarh hotel, OKO, valet pick up and drops and butler service, and possibly the most secure nightlife environment in North India, Kitty Ko is ready to cater for your wildest party.


KittyKo is lavish, spacious and oh-so-chilled out. An excellent venue for gigs as well as galas – where you can glug your drinks as you watch the world go gently by. While here, do try the signature The Lalit — a flambeed spectacle that tastes smooth and decadent or the recently added The Nandini – a slick concoction of Hendricks with elderflower syrup and lemon. It will take you considerable time to go through the exhaustive menu courtesy the OKO as well as choose your spirits courtesy, Kitty Su. But in the end, the pairings of your special poisons with Californian Sushi Rolls, Balls Of Jalapeno or the delectable pork satays will leave your heart and soul contented. And no, the do not expect you to leave those dancing shoes behind! Be ready to be amazed, even more!


Here is a brief chat with Mr Keshav Suri, ED, The Lalit Group of Hotels, on the newest entrant to Chandigarh’s night (and day) life…

THN: What is the idea behind Kitty Ko?
Mr Keshav Suri: Kitty Ko is an amalgamation of the vibe of Kitty Su and the luxury of OKO. OKO has been a resounding success in Chandigarh. Kitty Su, I am proud to say, is the only nightclub chain in India owned by a single name. There are others, that are mostly franchises. There are beautiful outdoor spaces in The Lalit at Chandigarh that appealed to people and we have been having several events and dos, such as barbeques, performances and so on. Kitty Ko is an alfresco lounge where one can relax in an open-air ambience. The bar is managed by Kitty Su while the food is from the kitchens of OKO. Kitty Ko, then, is a perfect corner of solitude that is in tandem with the inherent Lalit philosophy of being ‘Traditionally Modern, Subtly Luxurious, Distinctly LaLiT’!

thn-exclusive-kitty-ko-brand-new-lounge-at-the-lalit-chandigarhTHN: Will Kitty Ko be exclusive to Chandigarh or do you plan to introduce it in other Lalit Group hotels as well?
Mr Keshav Suri: The concept of Kitty Ko adapts itself very well to a vibe that is relaxed. We have been hosting Kitty Su pop-ups at various Lalit properties and will be taking Kitty Ko to every destination where there are people who want to put their feet up and relax.

THN: What are the sort of leisure activities you plan around Kitty Ko?
Mr Keshav Suri: Right from regular events such as food festivals, to cultural celebrations, we also plan to incorporate artiste performances in the area. We also plan to introduce a ‘Pleasuredome’ – where we will get top notch artists to hold gigs and the like. The Kitty Ko lounge also offers an amazing outdoor venue for private parties and the like – the possibilities are endless.

THN: As one of the youngest scions of any hospitality group and ED of the fastest and largest growing hotel chain in India, you have brought several new ideas to the offerings of The Lalit. Are you ever nervous about your decisions?
Mr Keshav Suri: A little anxiety is always a good thing. Because that is what makes you want to push for things to succeed. More than anything else, I believe in my father’s philosophy that a hotel is not just a brick and mortar structure. Real hospitality comes from within. We at The Lalit Group are immensely proud of our Indian roots. And that is why a ‘Namaskar’ is our greeting of choice. Whatever we do will only be to adhere to being ‘Traditionally Modern, Subtly Luxurious, and therefore, Distinctly LaLiT’.


Text and images by Aarti Kapur Singh

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