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Tasting the imperial cuisine at 1911

While our fellow food writers and bloggers are talking about the new entrants of the F&B sector, THN decided to go back in time to the era of imperial cuisine. And it was 1911 restaurant at The Imperial hotel that fulfilled this fantasy of ours. Here’s our pictorial journey of the restaurant.

1911 is a landmark year in the history of Delhi as well as India. It was in this year; on December 12 that British King-Emperor George V had declared Delhi as the new Capital of British India. On December 15, King Emperor George V and Queen-Empress Mary laid down the foundation of New Delhi. 1911 Restaurant pays a tribute to this historic milestone that led to the emergence of New Delhi as a seat of power.

Outdoor seating at 19111911, given the historical significance it compliments, is a celebration of aesthetics with its rich, choicely done up interiors and cuisine that showcases the ‘melting pot’ culture of Delhi and service that is truly a reflection of Imperial India. It was called The Garden Party before it was re-named as 1911 in the late 1990s.

Salad counter at 1911We decided to experience the cuisine during the lunch hours with the buffet option. Here you can see a DIY salad counter with fresh vegetables.

Cherry tomatoes at 1911Some fresh and juicy bell tomatoes anyone?

World olives at 1911The restaurant imports a variety of olives from different parts of the world. Pair them with your favourite dish.

Dish 1 at 1911Spinach and ricotta crepes with creamy vegetable gratin is a bon appétit dish. This one is so creamy that it can create a tsunami in your mouth.

Dish 2 at 1911After the creamy delight, it was Eggplant cannelloni with plum tomato basil and parmesan. It is perhaps the best way in which one can consume aubergines. Subtle flavours combined with the tanginess of tomatoes make for a mouth-watering dish.

Spicy hot chocolateThough it is believed that Mayans invented hot chocolate, but it’s Chef Prem Pogakula who brought this yummy spiced hot chocolate to our table. What a wonderful way to end a pleasant meal!! Infused with star anise, cinnamon and red chillies, the chocolate drink was high in taste as well as calories.

Text and images by Supriya Aggarwal

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