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Spirituality came to the rescue of ‘Religion’

Spirituality-religionModern time has witnessed life moving away from religion. All societies are swayed by religion so much that at least the oldest Hindu belief of “every human soul has an element of God” is eclipsed. In this belief has an enshrined notion that a human being is guided by God element within herself. However, religious power separated this notion from human life and embedded the idea that every human being unless guided by the religion is bound to go astray. Over the years, in the path of evolution of societies, the religious guidance was rendered redundant and still the human race is able to keep the human values intact. It has been possible due to spirituality.

Spirituality gave voice to the inner God in human beings and guided it without help of religion. Had it not been true, then without religious sanctions of a bygone era, which are conspicuous by their absence world over, human race would have definitely gone waste. Spirituality sprung from the freedom of thoughts and has given to the world a new dimension. Where a woman searches her inner self and try to think about her own thinking and judge her own actions without any role of religion in this process. It’s true that we all see many crimes reported everywhere or bad people around us. But these were around since the time immemorial. Nor it has been proved that when people were religious or religion was powerful in the society, crime did not exist or all people were good.

Having said that it is imperative now to delve into the meaning of spirituality. Spirituality as it has been explained that is not about religion but own self. Our soul, which is immortal, can be met only by way of being spiritual. May be you connect with your soul for a moment or for hours together in day, it all depends on the way you own up spirituality. You can practise to be spiritual temporarily, intermittently or eternally. But it is not true that when you are not spiritual in your thoughts or actions, you are not spiritual at all. Because it will be like saying that you are without your soul, which is impossible. Everybody has a soul and so you have your own spirituality.

In other words, we can say that soul is an existence and spirituality is the discovery of it. Therefore, whenever you are able to discover your soul you feel being spiritual but whenever you are not able to do so, you not less spiritual. As soul and spirituality come together and go together with life. We all experience happiness or sadness commonly although over few events. Like birth is celebrated everywhere and death is mourned all over. It establishes nothing but the oneness of all of us having God particle within, the manifestation of soul and its spirituality. To sum up, it can be said that spirituality is all about discovery of yourself and its expression.


Text by Ashok Bansal

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