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Spend some me-time at Kairali ayurvedic village

My level of excitement was super high while on my way to the Kairali ayurvedic village, Kerala. It was the first time I was visiting a healing and rejuvenation center, and Kerala as well. Here is my photo journey from Delhi to Kerala.

On way to KairaliI captured this serene white beauty on my way to Kerala.

After landing_KairaliThe healing started as soon as we landed in Kerala as the scenic beauty of the place is soothing. Picture clicked enroute Kairali ayurvedic village.

Kairali_premises7And here we are at the Kairali ayurvedic village. The picture is of the reception area where the staff welcomes you with smile and warmth.

Lord Ganesha_kairali copyEven the gods welcome you in God’s Own Country

Bridge_Kairali copyIt is an ideal place if you wish to spend some time with yourself.

Hammock_KairaliSpend some moments at the hammock while flipping the pages of your favourite book or simply relax and soak in the calmness of nature within you.

Greenery_Kairali copyEven the greens look greener at Kairali

Dining area_Kairali copyThe dining area

Food_KairaliStart your meal with the super healthy carrot and cucumber salad.

Food2_Kairali copyAnd then indulge in some curries and vegetables. Kairali is a 100 per cent vegetarian place.

Kairali_premises copyEverywhere you move you find a picture perfect frame.

Kairali_premises6Who would want to miss sitting on this bench during sunrise and sunset hours?

Kairali_premises4The Ayurvedic Healing Village remains true to ancient Vedic practices in every respect; from its highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors and renowned health practices to the Vaastu Shastra architecture of its thirty guest villas.

Coconut man_KairaliCoconut water anyone? Yes, you can have fresh coconut water straight from the tree anytime.

Kairali_premises2Spa area. Kairali ayurvedic village is famous for its Ayurvedic spa therapies.

Some of th tailored treatments are Abhayangam (Preventive therapy which rejuvenates the body after tiresome day), Shirodhara (Touted as the king of ‘Ayurveda’ this therapy involves medicated oil poured over the forehead), Navarkizhi ( a distinct massage with small linen bundles filled with Navara rice, cooked in a herbal base and milk) Udavarthanam (A dry powder massage) and Podikizhi (Unique therapy performed using linen bundles for body massage).

Buddha table lamp_Kairali copyThe Buddha table lamp in the room I stayed.

Kairali_factory unitOne day prior to our return, we visited the Kairali factory. One of the many swanky and spotless units.

Malampuzha DamMalampuzha Dam, the largest reservoir in Kerala.


Text and images by Dhruv Bansal