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Rediscovering chocolate essence with Celeste

Celeste-chocolatesAn explosion of the fragrance of Celeste chocolates could pull in the crowd of chocolate lovers from distant corners. Celeste gave it altogether a different meaning to the customised chocolates. Think about any flavour under the sky and you will have it on your palette at Celeste.

The unique packaging of the chocolates made them all the more eye-catching. The way it usually works for most chocolate lovers is that they regard Chocolates in all shapes and sizes, ingest it all within no time and look for the new ones. Celeste not only serves them with the handcrafted chocolates in different exotic flavours but also through its attractive packaging, it develops the sweet bond with it customers to last lifetime. The unique packaging could be profoundly used as a souvenir in your display area.

Fabric cart (Chocolate Romancing Couple)The brand recently organised bloggers meet at their outlet in . Few flavours I tasted there were almond, orange truffle, cappuccino, dates and strawberry. They all had their own unique taste but the one that satiated me was the cappuccino. I would recommend all chocolate lovers to try it. I regret tasting rum n’ raisin chocolate because it was so addictive that I crave for it every now and then! This was one of the flavours that I can vouch for and it’s worth trying.

Even waiting for your chocolate palette could be a pleasant experience since they serve it you with exotic tea of different flavours. You even can carry a cup of Celeste tea while moving and shopping around in the mall.

More than hundred varieties of lip-smacking chocolates under the one roof which includes dark chocolate, caramel, sugar-free, milk chocolates, brownies and many more, can charge up the taste buds of any individual. While completely customising the flavour and the packaging of chocolates as per your choice, Celeste give its customers true value for their money.

The silk smooth texture, the unique flavours of the chocolate and pleasant aroma that the place had, pulls in the desire within me to visit the place soon again and get the best of flavours customised and packed for my loved ones.


Text by Kamya Kandhari

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