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Quotes from Bhagat Singh that are still relevant

Nearly nine decades back, on March 23 in 1931, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shivaram Hari Rajguru, and Sukhdev Thapar were hanged by the British rulers for their alleged involvement in the killing of John Saunders. The day is also celebrated as Shaheedi Diwas or Martyr’s Day. They sacrificed their lives for the independence of India but their inspiring actions continued to stir the desire for freedom until it was achieved in 1947. We bring to you quotes by Shaheed Bhagat Singh which are relevant in today’s time as well.

1. Make your spirit indomitable.
They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit.

2. Law is for the people and not vice-versa.
The sanctity of law can be maintained only so long as it is the expression of the will of the people.

3. Are you up for progress?
Any man who stands for progress has to criticise, disbelief, and challenge every item of the old faith.

4. The real strength lies in living for the country and make a change.
Those who die for their country are martyrs and those who live for their country are greater martyrs.

5. Keep flowing
Every tiny molecule of Ash is in motion with my heat. I am such a lunatic that I am free even in jail.

6. Ideas are the most powerful tool.
Bombs and pistols do not make a revolution. The sword of revolution is sharpened on the whetting-stone of ideas.

7. Make sure your work makes that sound.
If the deaf has to hear, the sound has to be very loud.

8. Freedom, the basic human right
Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is an imperishable birthright of all.

9. Take criticism in a positive manner.Bhagat Singh quotesMerciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking.

10. And last but not the least. Zindagi to apne dam par jee jaati hain, dusro ke kandho par to janaaje utha karte hain.Bhagat Singh quotesLife is lived on its own. Others’ shoulders are used only at the time of the funeral.


Background image by Aarti Kapur Singh

Compilation by Supriya Aggarwal

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