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Piali is all set to redefine the dining space

Piali - the curry bistro
Piali – the curry bistro

The ultimate gourmet destination of Delhi, Connaught Place is going through a renaissance with a numerous outlets opening. Since most of them are revolving around multi-cuisine and vibrate in the same tune, a break from this monotony was required. We recently visited this newly-opened restaurant called Piali which is located just opposite the PVR Plaza. As the name suggests, Piali is the hindi word for bowl and the restaurant focusses on the curries from the pan Asian region.

Orange and watermelon feta cheese salad

Starting with one of the classic of sorts, this salad is extremely refreshing and the presentation makes it even more appealing.


The restaurant has kept a combination of regulars with a dash of innovation to them. On left is the Malai Methi Paneer Tikka where the cottage cheese is marinated with fenugreek and cream. Subtle on your palate, this one is best to try during winters for the seasonal flavour of fenugreek. The other one that we tried at Piali is the Khumb aur Singhade ki Galouti. Soft in texture and strong in flavour, I liked how they combined two very different flavours and brought it in a dish all food lovers have been relishing over the years.


This one definitely do not need any introduction. Puchka, pani puri, golgappa, batashe and many more, you can call this all-time favourite street food with any name you want. The good thing about Piali is that they want to promote family dining and have kept the flavours of classics intact.


Often vegetarians complaint about the limited options in fine-dining restaurants. In Piali, you will get enough of them. We also tried the Tangy button mushrooms and Crispy Baby Potatoes.


This was one of the best platters I have had recently, Dabeli from Mumbai, Sabudana vada rings and Tomato Basil Bruschetta. Please note the quantity of portions in the images is for reference only.


In the mains, there is a vast variety to choose from in both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian. Burmese Khao Suey is a noodle dish that comes from the mountainous Shan State of Burma, now Myanmar. Garnish this delicately spiced meal with fried onions, garlic, spring onions and chillies and enjoy this comfort food.


Move over green and red, try the Thai Yellow Curry at Piali. With flavours of bamboo shoot, baby corn, mushroom and many other vegetables, yellow curry is richer and creamier than other Thai curries, since coconut cream is used in addition to coconut milk.

Piali is definitely a place to dine and spend quality time with family over scrumptious food.



Text and images by Supriya Aggarwal

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