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Pamper your taste buds at Breads Et More

Bread Et MoreBreads Et More serves the best varieties of fresh-baked breads and sweet delicacies. There is a lip-smacking range of products placed on display, which might develop an urge within to spot them all on your palette. The house has artisan breads, truffles, delicious croissants, melt-in-your-mouth macaroons, exotic pastries and cakes, cookies, a variety of beverages and lot many mouth-watering savouries.

Before you even bite in, the mere staring at the unique and freshly baked multi-layered pastries could make your senses delight in waves and wafts of unadulterated excellence. Recently in an exclusive invite at the GK outlet of Bread Et More, Mr Sahil Mehta, who impressively is India’s first certified bakery, pastry and chocolate expert gave me a quick run through of the different delicacies present at the outlet. He told me about the high quality and purity of the ingredients being used, which are sourced from the best of their origins.

I started my delightful experience to please my taste buds with the croissants, which have long been a staple of French bakeries and patisseries. They served us with four different fillings of the same. I first had the Italian Chicken croissant which had amazing chicken filling in it with a perfect blend of butter. The cheese croissant was one I felt was amazing for the veggies platter. It was buttery, flaky and light. Then to my surprise, they even had chocolate croissant which as per me was best among all. The layer of chocolate in the centre melted perfectly in the mouth.

Next to satiate our palette were the luxury pastries accompanied with strong Ethiopian black coffee. Among many finger licking delicious pastries, the one I felt as not to miss option was “Rococo Chocolate”, one of their signature and a perfect treat for die-hard chocolate lovers. The crunchy praline was an add-on to the creamy chocolate flavour. Another one among their best flavours was the “Napoleon” treat, which they even termed as thousand layer pastry. The custard cream midst the layers of pastry and topping with toffee sauce was very luscious Then we had lemon tart topped with classic Italian meringue. It had perfect tangy lemon-ish flavour. And also another quintessential was Lemon Cheesecake, a perfect flavorful recipe for zingy lemon.

The range of pastries at Bread et More outlet (1)Then there were melt-in-your-mouth Macaroons, the best I ever had anywhere in Delhi-NCR. Every scrumptious bite of the mighty desert was proved heavenly. They had many different flavours of it. Among few I tasted, the best one I felt was Chocolate macaron shells filled with gooey chocolate ganache. Other flavours include Brownish- Yellow macron shells filled with lavender flavoured ganache, pink macaron shells with strong rose cream topped with edible rose, and the yellow macaron shells filled with tangy lemon curd.

What more you could ask for to make your evening perfect. It’s a must visit for all who seek variety and perfection. The aroma of the place and the delicious mouth-watering delights could drag anyone in the store for several times. Mine would be soon again!
Address: N-17, N Block Market, Greater Kailash I
Meal for two: Rs. 500/- approx.


Review by Kamya Kandhari

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