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Much can happen over Mister Chai

Indians are known for their love for chai (tea) and one can find tea stalls on the street corners anywhere in the country. Every state has its own variations of tea; in terms of taste as well as presentation. The Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel recently launched a tea restaurant, Mister Chai, in the heart of the capital city. The restaurant has the feel of a local tea shop right inside an international hotel. We take you on a pictorial journey of the place.

Mister Chai - Main entrance

The name of the restaurant, Mister Chai, itself is a clever combination of desi and international. Designed and conceptualised by a Dubai-based interior design company, Stickman Designs, the tea restaurant can serve up to 50 guests at one time.

Mister Chai - Sitting area2

The antique mirrors walls make the place look more spacious yet subtle. It gives the guests a delightful ambience to sit and relish the delicacies.

Mister Chai - sitting area
The quaint sitting area

The aqua-coloured upholstery and the yellow sublime lighting sets mood for heartful conversations. If you are a bookworm, read your favourite at the corner table while sipping your favourite tea.

Mister Chai - tea wall
Tea wall

This wall adds a lot of drama and is captivating enough to amaze the tea lover in you. Teapots collected from different parts of the country as well as world are on display here along with miniature tea plants. This wall also separates the main hotel lobby from Mister Chai and gives you a sense of privacy.

Mister Chai - Tibetan prayer wall
Tibetan wall

On the back side of the tea wall is this interestingly designed wall that houses gold-leaf-etched timber Tibetan prayer wheels.

Mister Chai - tea counter
The tea counter

Remember asking for some extra cardamom or cinnamon in your tea at the local tea shop? Well, you can also do the same at this tea counter at Mister Chai as well. A place where you see your tea brewing in front of you and get it custom-made to suit your taste buds.

Mister Chai - Chef Neeraj Tyagi
Animated conversations with Executive chef Neeraj Tyagi

And here is the man of the moment, Executive Chef Neeraj Tyagi. Chef Neeraj along with his team of talented chefs have designed a very extensive menu which is a kaleidoscope of regional dishes with a modern twist.

Did the interiors, upholstery and the intimate setting intrigue you enough? Our next post in this segment will take you on a pictorial journey of the scrumptious offerings and the aroma of tea at Mister Chai.

Text and images by Supriya Aggarwal