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Monkeying around at Monkey Bar

Moneky-barI knew of meditation in a pyramid, but Monkey Bar awakened the need to learn the art of wining and dining in a pyramid. Delhi’s latest gastropub, Monkey Bar is housed in a unique glass pyramid in Vasant Kunj. Trees all around, the spirit encased in a glass and innovative food, which of course is expected when a Chef of Olives fame, Manu Chandra, puts his heart and soul into the menu.

Armed with his fine dining experience and a course in the culinary arts from the USA, Chandra has reinvented a lot of exotic dishes to suit affordable prices. There are Caramalised Ribs, Keema Pao, Tiger Steak…. And lots more. The drinks menu has exotic cocktails such as Mangaa, Copper Monkey…

Monkey is happiness, says Chandra, hence the name. He also takes care of Monkey Bar in Bangalore. The prices have been kept reasonable, kids are allowed till six in the evening and a weekend breakfast menu will soon be launched. The platters, burgers come with flags of different kinds—goat monkey stands for a meat platter, green hats are veggies, and chicken, of course, is chicken. With great music, good food, quirky platters, mix-n-match cutlery and a relaxing ambience, Monkey Bar is a place to chill out if you want to forget all that troubles you or you just need a great place to pep you up. And food is low cal, good meats, and less spices. You can add a little of Afterdeath sauce for a saucy pinch. Coffee will soon be coming by a man who loves coffee–Kunal Ross. Chandra, by the way, drinks at least 10-12 cups a day!

PS: Even the monkeys on the washroom doors have lipstick and moustache, so watch which door you enter.

Text by Ambica Gulati
Cover image by Monkey Bar


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