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Mind speaks: How to maintain a healthy mood and mind

The human mind has the tendency to react and remember negative incidences more than the positive ones, for example, we tend to remember the insults from our relatives more than their kind act and encouraging words.

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Storing negative information for a while without valuing the positive experiences may not do any immediate harm in anyone’s life but this tendency, in the long run, can develop into a habit. That habit with time can result into an endless number of physical and psychological diseases like – high blood pressure, heart problem, anxiety, depression and stress.

Nobody has control over unpleasant situations that happens over the course of life but everyone does have an option to maintain a healthy mind and mood.

Follow some basic tips that can help you shift your focus of life from negativity to self-belief.

1. In times of adversities, focus on major areas of life: When you meet adversities and negative situations, make yourself remember your career goals, relationships, family, spiritual beliefs. Identify your life priorities and future possibilities.

2. Ask yourself better questions: Some people deal negative situations by complaining about what they don’t want or like. They blame others or they get stuck with wrong self-questions like why this happened to me. Instead, ask yourself: “how I have put myself in this bad situation?”, “how could I have avoided it? Asking these empowering questions will help you to find solutions and move out of bad emotions.

3. Evaluate negative situations before emotionally reacting to them: Try to see how much difference a negative incidence can make in your life. Are your investments in your anger or sorrow really worth another person’s limitations like other person’s miss-judgements or bad intentions?

4. Accept good things in life: Many a times people stop accepting good things in their lives or they turn a blind eye towards their positive side of life, when they suffer pain and discouraging feelings. Accept life the way it is; make yourself remember that nothing is permanent in our life, neither your happiness nor your sorrows. The more we focus on the positives, the faster and better will be our chances to recover from bad phases of life.

Text by Shivani Misri Sadhoo

Shivani Misri Sadhoo
Psychologist and Relationship Counsellor, Saarthi Counselling Services
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