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Mia Bella: The place to look for

mia-bella-interior-image1-1024x684There are few places which can change the definition of an ideal meal, I found Mia Bella as one of them with the most beautiful Lake, sunset view. I was in Hauz Khas Village the other day to spend some quality time with one of my friends and my eyes stuck to this place which was looking new, unknown to my memory. So, we ventured in to get the first-hand experience of the place. Though when we were entering, we found the path a bit shady; we mentioned this to the floor manager and he brought it to our notice that we might have taken the wrong staircase; one that was meant for supplies.

The sun is merciless in the month of June in Delhi and so we ordered two cool drinks; a Martini and a Strawberry smoothie. The drinks took about 10 minutes to arrive but were looking refreshing and worthy of the wait. The Martini, topped with a slice of watermelon and coated with sugar on the sides, was the perfect combination to quench the thirst. The strawberry smoothie tasted well to a sweet tooth like mine.

Now it was time to fill the appetite and after looking into the long menu (and getting confused in the process) we chose to ask the floor manager what best we can have. With his advice, we finalised Chicken Peri Peri and Mint Mutton Shank. The service took about 15 minutes, which we chose to spend by clicking some quality pictures and the result was very photogenic.

With a tangy texture, Chicken Peri Peri was well-prepared and balanced with the mouth-watering accompaniments -leafy salad made with lettuce, basil, rocket leaves and mint topped with vinegar. The chicken was soaked perfectly in its sauce and gave little reason to think about anything except our next bite. The second dish, Mint Mutton shanks, was an even match and was served with perfectly fried potato wedges and garlic bread. The meat was tender and had a level of ease in its texture.

The food left at Mia Bella us with little desire(and space) to have something more but the meal would not have been complete without a dessert. So we scrolled the menu again and ordered Apple & Cinnamon Pie -It had perfectly cooked apples which blended well with the subtle flavours of cinnamon.

The restaurant offered no room for disappointment and with a courteous staff working tirelessly, it has definitely made its place on my checklist, where I would like to visit again.

Text by Ankit Pal

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