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‘Meri wali chai’ at Hauz Khas Village

Chaayos, Hauz Khas Village
Chaayos, Hauz Khas Village

Although coffee is the recent rendition of stress relievers, chai (tea) is the most traditional beverage and steeped in its own benefits. To relive the spirit of tea and experimenting with Chai, Chaayos recently opened its outlet at the prime location of Hauz Khaz Village, New Delhi. Offering the customers the option to customise their own tea and making it ‘Meri wali chai,’ their signature tea provides a plethora of choices like 12-add ons ranging from adrak, tulsi, elaichi, saunf to cinnamon, which if put together, can be relished in over 12,000 ways. In addition, there are Indian specialty tea like God’s chai and Pahadi chai, and exotic teas like Moroccan Mint and Camomile tea too.

Chaayos, Hauz Khas Village 2Located at the cultural and the youth hub of Delhi, this 60 plus seater Chaayos at Hauz Khaz Village is one of the biggest and comes with three novel types of “Thandi Chai” – a perfect blend of Cinamon, Masala or Sauf Elaichi. The outlet has a welcoming ambience fun décor and is extremely spacious. Thus, enjoy an evening of old friends reunion or a formal tete-a-tete with a cup of tea with a delectable keema vada pav, bun maska.

As one steps inside the modern with a tinge of heritage outlet, one is greeted with an ecstatic fresh aroma. And you cannot miss the freshness of the brewing tea in the pantry. The rustic feel of the ambience is not to be missed with the small vibrant glasses filled with tea and the sitting arrangement with sack cloth cover. Plus, the transparent interiors with the green colour dominating is sure take you back to the culture of 100 years of chai drinking.

Founded by IIT Bombay graduate Nitin Saluja & IIT Delhi graduate Raghav Verma in November 2012, Chaayos is a chain of chai-cafés operating under the holding company Sunshine Teahouse Pvt Ltd. According to Raghav Verma, Co-founder, Chaayos, the main aim of this outlet is to reach out to today’s youth. Sharing some of the interesting initiatives by Chaayos, he says that the outlet also has packaged tea leaves, disposable tea kettles for delivering tea at work places, etc.

Text by Team THN
Image courtesy: Team Chaayos