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July 10 – this day in history

Blue_Lagoon_Bahamas gained independence on July 10
Blue Lagoon island in the Bahamas

Let’s take a look at some important events that happened on July 10 across the world.

1806: The Vellore Mutiny by south Indian soldiers broke out against the British. This was the first large-scale mutiny that set the stage for the 1857 revolt.

1938: A record flight around the world in 91 hours by aviator Howard Hughes. He surpasses the previous record by four days.

1949: The first practical television makes its appearance in the market. Its’ picture tube measured 12 by 16 and it was sold for $12.

1962: The world’s first communications satellite, Telstar, was launched into orbit. It was a privately sponsored space launch and relayed the first live transatlantic television signal. The world’s first telephone call was also transmitted through space from this satellite.

1973: The Bahamas become independent of British rule after 300 years, but they remain a part of the British Commonwealth.

1985: The Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior sinks in Auckland Harbour when a bomb goes off on its hull, planted by French agents. The ship was to go on a protest voyage to the French nuclear site in the South Pacific.

1985: Coca-Cola resumes selling the old formula of Coke. It is renamed ‘Coca-Cola Classic’. It announced it would continue selling the new drink.

1991: Boris N. Yeltsin joins the office as the first elected president of the Russian republic.

1999: The Soccer World Cup final won by the U.S. women’s team against China.

2011: A Chicago business person, Thomas Stuker, reached 10 million frequent flyer miles with the United Airlines. He accumulated these points over a period of twenty-nine years. As a reward, a plane was named after him, and his loyalty to the airlines won him the privilege of never to wait in a line and automatic upgradation.

Some famous birthdays:

1888: Giorgio de Chirico – Painter and writer

1920: Owen Chamberlain – American physicist, shared Nobel Prize for Physics in 1958 for the discovery of antiproton

1949: Sunil Gavaskar – Famous Indian cricketer

1972: Sofia Vergara – Actress

1980: Jessica Simpson – Actress