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What I want to see in 2017!

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I am excited to start the New Year because it is going to be my 10th birthday on the 13th of July! I want to tell you guys what I want to see in 2017.

In 2017, I want crop burning in places such as Malaysia, Indonesia to stop as it causes a lot of pollution. Burning crops is harmful because Singapore is getting affected by the high pollution level. Same goes with India, crops burning made the air almost poisonous in the capital city Delhi.

The next thing I hope to see is America liking their new President Donald Trump. He worked hard to win the elections from a very talented lady Hillary Clinton, who did not give up until the last moment. America is one of the strong countries in the world, so I wish Trump good luck in his job.

Aarjan Talwar

I wish for a higher birth rate of animals in 2017. We should stop disturbing their life. Would you like it if someone kept interrupting your life like just keep killing you and your family members? I am sure the answer is no. That’s how animals feel about humans. I want everyone in this whole world to make an effort to protect animals.

In 2017, we should please try to avoid wars because people die and countries get destroyed. All the hard work in building an entire nation gets wasted. The reason I am saying this is because I read on the web that there could be a war in mid-East in 2017 which freaked me out.

In 2017, I want better medical facilities so that people don’t have to suffer and die. We should do more research and get more cures for illnesses.

The next thing I want to see is new inventions like an iPhone 8 or a flying car or a flying robot or an iPhone that can be used for playing pranks like if it could spit slime and goo. I also want more fun rides like in Universal Studio so everyone can have more fun.

In 2017, I want my best friends to come back to Singapore. My good friends moved to Mumbai, and I wish to meet them more often. I also want to see my family members come to Singapore.

I hope you want to see plenty of good stuff as well in 2017. Have a great year!


Text by Aarjan Talwar

Aarjan Talwar is an nine-year-old boy and lives in Singapore. Born to Indian parents, Aarjan studies in fourth standard and keeps on coming to India to meet his extended family.

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  1. Loved reading your writing, Aarjan! Very original thoughts. And I really wish that everything you have wished for, really happens this year! It will help make the world a better place to live. Keep writing please, I look forward to reading more from you.

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