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Hinglish: Where fusion reigns supreme

HinglishIt’s only when you go without expectations that you end up getting the best deals. In this case, excellent, innovative food, laden with whisky, rum and vodka! Hinglish surprised me from the word go… It’s located in West Delhi’s Pacific Mall which is a high-end mall but not a hot spot for most Delhiites. It has classy and cosy interiors, live kitchen to make it a pleasurable experience. There is even seating in the open at the back to date sans interference and three gazebos where you can wine and dine away from prying eyes. So all kinds of seating are available in this restaurant where the colonial mingles with Punjabi palette.

Actually, the person who was the most excited about this food review invitation was my friend, Meghna’s, 13-year-old daughter Stuti. Experiencing wining and dining in private, Palak Dua (our host), suggested a grand order. Of course, we narrowed it down to a few starters. The menu is vast and the dishes have some catchy quirky names such as Masala Keema Scotch Eggs, Hinglish Leg Te Peg. Well, don’t get me wrong, there are dishes without alcohol too such as English Rainbow Slaw, Artisan Cottage Cheese Salad, regular North Indian dishes and more. But as three of us—Meghna, Stuti and me—were in an experimental mood, we went on to choose all that we had not ever tried. And Palak got a mix of veg and non-veg platters ready for us. For drinks, Stuti opted for Peanut Butter Vanilla Shake; Meghna took a regular Martini Apple and I decided to find moksha with Nirvana. A sip from each, I was ready for the innovative meal. Peanut butter is a very American concept but I am sure that children would love this shake at Hinglish.

The veg and non-veg platters were a cool mix of Hinglish Leg Te Peg, Cromesquis – Veg & Non-veg, Bharwan Dahi Ke Kebab, Dhuar Palak aur Khumb ki Galauti, Sweet Corn Cheese Cigarillos, Teekha Mahi Tikka, Masala Keema Scotch Eggs, Broccoli Malai Kebab. Hinglish Leg Te Peg is chicken tikka with a rum shot. Meghna and I shared the rum… and we didn’t get drunk even though drinks ruled the day!

The food is well blended, the dishes well experimented and the taste soft and silky. Going with the theme, Anglo-Indian cuisine, the spices are light and there is a lot of use of cream. What I loved: Scotch Eggs, Dhuar Palak aur Khumb ki Galauti, Brocolli Malai Kebab.

Now, we were wondering about the main course, so Palak suggested we try a Nazza. The Indian naan has turned into a pizza…as she explained that base was the dough used for making naan. Keema Do Piazza Nazza was a delight.

But our list was long. Next on the table arrived Penne Basil Pesto Sauce Pasta- Chicken. All this on our plates, we wanted to know what Raclette was, which the menu said was a dish made in a Swiss oven. The manager informed that we would have to move indoors for the Raclette. This was certainly the best part of the lunch, for the oven is actually a mini-grill. Since we were new to the concept, the Chef helped us with the temperature, brushing it with olive oil, Stuti merrily grilled fish, pork and prawns. It needs on a minute or two for everything comes marinated. There are olives and other salads and sauces to accompany this make-it-yourself and eat experience. It’s the most fun!

Though we had no space, there was still the dessert to go. And this was as innovative and mouth-watering as the rest of the meal. Nachos with dips! Yes, these are white and dark chocolate nachos with soft creamy three kinds of dips—chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

We also tried Ricotta, Prunes and Whisky Tart with Raspberry Ice-Cream. This was one of the best tarts I had ever tasted. Now, if you are game for some innovative food, loads of drinks and fun, Hinglish is your hot spot! It opens at noon and shuts at midnight. It is a place for families, friends, dating and partying.

There are special nights and evenings such ladies night, belly dancing evenings, sufi nights. Things you can enjoy besides food is good music, indoor games and hookah. The staff is polite and serves with a smile.

Someone has definitely spent a lot of time and money on experimenting with the dishes and putting them together. Key to enjoying Hinglish is a palette ready for experiments!

Meal for two costs: Rs 1,500-2,000 (plus taxes and without alcohol)

Address: Hinglish: The Colonial Cafe, Ground Floor, Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi 110027

For reservations contact: 9560004512/4, BBM Pin – 2897F1F



Review by Ambica Gulati

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