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Go Camping with Bullston

Among the many things the pandemic has altered or redefined is the way we travel. We don’t wish to be packed like sardines in a train anymore, stuffed in an aeroplane, or stuck in a traffic jam en route to the ‘top ten places to visit’ race, nor do we relish the idea of checking in a regular hotel and limit ourselves to the kilometre radius around it. “People today are looking for more personalized and curated holiday experiences, not confined to the disconnected enclosure of a hotel room or the ‘been there done that’ holiday spots. They want a one-of-a-kind adventure, a road trip they can enjoy on their terms and time,” says Harjit Singh Rai, entrepreneur and founder of one of the leading trailer manufacturers in India, Bullston.

Harjit Singh Rai. Photo courtesy: Bullston

Sensing this adrenaline-pumped need for adventure, he went on to design and develop his very own offroad bumper pull camping trailers, with Italian design sensibility and German precision.

“People are increasingly searching for holiday spots that offer an offbeat experience, that is immersive and closer to nature. Covid has brought us back to nature. The camping trailer, in my opinion, is the safest, most sanitized way of travelling,” says Harjit, who has been flooded with orders from Gujarat, Maharashtra, and the North East. “States like Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Himachal are now investing in setting up proper camping sites with amenities like water, toilets and charging stations, and this has led to more interest in camping trailers,” he adds.

Made in India, the Bullston camping trailers come in a travel size solid steel body and wooden interiors with an array of features and accessories. “A lot of R&D has gone into making these trailers, withstand Indian terrain, and be pulled easily by any mid-sized car, preferably crossover vehicles,” says Rai adding how it’s perfectly safe for solo travellers too, especially women. “We have an impenetrable steel body, and in case of a breakdown, service is just a call away,” he hints at an all India service network in place. From a chic kitchenette, a showering area, queen size bedding, awning and support gear to charging points, wifi for remote work access, a storage facility, water tank and a three-day battery backup, the Bullston camper trailers are the ideal for the vagabond in you. At approximately 10 feet in length, they come equipped with fan and temperature regulation, an extra bunker bed for your kid or pet, and can hold a rooftop tent, which is big enough for two people. One can drive to any destination, park at a picturesque spot and switch to holiday mode. As far as the toilet is concerned, Rai advises investing in a portable toilet tent to carry along. “We are also coming up with luxury motorhomes, recreation vehicles and caravans strapped with all high-end amenities.” For more information, log on to

Images and text by Bullston

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