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Get Raw: Reviewing Four Raw Pressery Flavours

If you regularly read The Humming Notes, you may have already noticed that we are a fan of all things natural. And this season, there is a definite affinity we are feeling towards juicy summer fruits. There is no better way to stay healthy, hydrated and cool in this heat than naturally sweet fruits. While I am personally not such a fan of fruit juices – I prefer eating the fruits whole – but when I got a call from Raw Pressery to try out a few flavours and let them know what I think, I was, well, open to the idea. The primary reason being that these are cold-pressed juices. How they differ from processed and packaged juices is not just because they are not processed (and therefore fresher), but also because these juices are extracted by cold pressing as the name suggests, preventing exposure of the ingredients to heat and air. This retains the live enzymes and the goodness of the fruits and vegetables used. The high-pressure processing (HPP) technique used to squeeze the juices out of the fruits and vegetables help protect their vibrant flavour and nutrients.

So the Raw Pressery juices do not contain anything artificially added – whether it is flavour, sugar, pulp, colour or even preservative. So the thick and lush juices are the first extract and the best part is no sugar, no preservatives and ‘nothing else’ – like the list of ingredients on each bottle proudly declares.

Here’s my lowdown on each of the four flavours I tried:

1. Love – watermelon, pomegranate, chia seeds and mint; Price: Rs 150 for 250ml

First things first, I hate watermelon juice that has been strained and to which sugar has been added! Aargghhh! So this was really really good! Fresh and nice. The crunch of the chia seeds and pomegranate and the punch of the mint took the flavour to just another level. Somehow when I tried replicating this at home, I did not achieve perfect results (I am still working on the proportions). I froze some of this juice to have like an ice lolly 😉

Healthwise, pomegranate is great for the heart while chia seeds are well known for their cleansing properties. Besides, rich in fibre and healthy fats, this juice burns more fat. So this is a win.

2. Sugarcane+Ginger; Price: Rs 80 for 100ml

I come with a statutory warning – that I will lose control of myself when I see a ganne ke juice wala on the roadside. I am often punished for this gluttony with an upset stomach, almost within hours. I approached the Raw Pressery version with some wariness. While this cold-pressed version of desi ‘ganne ka juice’ is a natural energizer, it is not a patch on the flavour that the roadside version has. So this one was definitely a bummer.

3. Apple+Lemon; Price: Rs 80 for 250ml

I like apple juice, but I like apples more. So yes, I did have a preconceived notion when I opened this bottle. But the taste of lemon was an interesting surprise. Rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, apple protects you from heart disorders. Packed with iron and antioxidants, this juice strengthens your immunity.

4. Mango Coco+Pineapple and Banana; Price: Rs 250 for 100ml

I saved the best for the last! I believe this flavour isn’t that easily available – and that is just too bad! It was clearly my go-to flavour for the season because of its Caribbean vibe. More like a smoothie (it is thicker) because of coconut (milk?), this made a great frozen dessert! Really. If you do manage to find it in the stores, please hoard it! This concoction seems to be great for the skin – mango is rich in carotenoids that slow down ageing and promote healthy-looking skin; same goes for coconut and pineapple – that also aid in weight loss.

Text and images by Aarti Kapur Singh

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