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Evoke subtle notes with All Good Scents

All Good Scents-EvokeWe all love monsoon and the lovely aroma of wet mud but at the same time, the weather gets sticky and all the sweat (read body odour) can dampen the spirit. Whether it is an office meeting, evening party or a casual outing with friends; smelling good is the first preference of any woman. All Good Scents, the brainchild of perfumer Rajiv Sheth, is here to take care of all your fragrant needs. This contemporary brand takes special care of the three notes; the top notes, the heart notes and the bottom notes and calls it the fragrance pyramid. In fact, the brand’s logo is designed to depict these notes in a pyramid. We, at THN, recently reviewed a sample of Evoke, an EDP for women who are sensual yet elegant. The curvy look of the bottle is sure to impress you and the mysterious colour will enchant you at first. It is suggested to apply Evoke on your pulse points post applying moisturiser immediately after a bath as these pulse points release odour at first.


As soon as you apply it, the subtle fragrance of blackcurrant, green notes and bergamot will soothe you. The 50ml bottle will costs INR1,200 and the smooth combination of heart notes (jasmine, lily of the valley and white flowers) starts appearing as soon as the top notes evaporate and lasts for around 6-8 hours. But what impressed me the most are the base notes as they leave a lingering smell on the skin and are the most aromatic ones. As you finish a demanding day at office, a rich combination of vanilla, sandalwood and tonka beans prepares you for that romantic dinner and stays for more than eight hours. What I liked the most about this perfume is that it is very long lasting yet very light on application. I was skeptical on reviewing the product as too many fragrances together give me a headache but after using Evoke, a perfect blend of sweet and warm notes, I felt that it is custom-made for women like me.

So now you know what to buy this season to leave your aroma around. Happy perfuming with All Good Scents.


Text and images by Supriya Aggarwal