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Cold food recipes by Kylin Premier

Summers can be really harsh and one does not feel like eating hot food. So, here we bring you some amazing cold food recipes by Kylin Premier shared by Chef Ghanshyam Thapa, Executive Chef, Kylin Premier.

1. Spicy Salmon Roll

Spicy Salmon roll

• Nori Sheet
• Cucumber shredded
• Sushi rice

• Fillet of salmon (finger cut)

• Chilli Mayo
• Garnish
• Tempura Flakes
• Pickled Ginger
• Wasabi Paste
• Kikkoman Soya & Apple Juice

• Put on your expert look as you unfurl the sushi roll mat and place the Nori Sheet in the center. Evenly spread the ball of rice over the Nori to the edge of the sheet.
• Turn the sheet upside down with the rice facing the mat.
• Lay the finger cut Salmon, Cucumber, Spicy Mayo, Tempura flakes and Chilli Mayo on the Nori. Roll the sushi nice and compact, apply thin slices of salmon on the rice and roll again. Remove the mat and cut with a sushi knife into eight pieces.
• Serve on a platter with Gari(Japanese Pickled Ginger) Wasabi and Kikkoman Soya Sauce for dipping.

2. Kylin Special Fried Ice Cream Spring Roll


• Vanilla
• Spring roll sheet
• Oil
• Honey
• Cashew nut

• Roll the Vanilla ice cream in spring roll sheet
• Put in deep freezer for six hours.
• Fry the Ice cream roll in Hot Oil
•Cut the ice cream roll in two pieces.
• Put Garnish Crushed cashew nut on top and pour the honey top up and finish with Mint Leaf.

3. Som Tam (Raw Papaya Salad)

Som Tam salad
• Raw papaya shredded
• Coriander chopped
• Peanut crushed

• Coriander leaf
• Peanut
• Cherry tomato
• Perfecting the Som Tam dressing
(Dressing for four preparations. Can be refrigerated in an air-tight container for up to ten days)
• Lime juice
• Jaggery
• Fresh red chilli
• Garlic
• Kikkoman soya sauce
• Dark soya sauce
• Salt
• Fish sauce
Grind the jaggery and mix well with lime juice to make it liquid. Add all the other ingredients and mix well. Store cool and use as required.

• Your boss sees all the hard work you put in at work. Now, it’s time to garnish that with a little secret dish. Simply wash the Papaya, peel off the green skin and grate the papaya nice and long.
• Store it in the ice water for half an hour while you get ready to make a big impression.
• Drain out the water.
• Mix the grated papaya, crushed the peanuts, chopped coriander and Som Tam dressing in a large bowl.
• Toss it well a few minutes for the papaya to absorb the seasonings. Put in a salad bowl, garnish it with coriander leaf and cherry tomato.


Chef Ghanshyam Thapa , Executive Chef, Kylin Premier

Chef Ghanshyam Thapa, Executive Chef, Kylin Premier

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