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Celebrating World Peace Day with Indo-Pak peace song

Inko na roke koiPeace efforts between India and Pakistan are the real need of the hour and only prudence, foresightedness and sincerity can do wonders for both countries. Telling a beautiful story through the lens of India and Pakistan really came from the Asia society on the occasion of the World Peace Day. The fellows of India and Pakistan know better than anyone that the people really want more positive connection and more communication between them.

INKO NA ROKE KOI: An uplifting India Pakistan peace song shows that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart and deep down humanity is about togetherness and happiness.

You can watch the video here:

A young Pakistani girl Zahra travels all the way to India to surprise her best friend Parneet on the day of her wedding. Zara & Parneet became very good friends while they were studying together in London. Zahra’s journey leads her to meet people from India who make her feel special and a part of their family. It’s set against the beautiful Landscapes of non-urban Punjab. The video was shot in Mumbai, Delhi, Patiala, Amritsar, Attari & Chandigarh.

This song is a reflection of what we feel when we see people so similar yet separated from each other by bureaucratic red tape, by the folly of governments, by barbed wires and fences and the eternal wait for a visa.

This song is our plea to let the people of both the countries be free. To let them meet each other, to let them discover. To stop them would be a crime.

Project by:

National Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker
Asia Society – Asia 21 IPRYLI Fellow 2014
Founder, Humanity Watchdog Foundation & Golden Lotus Films

Singer, Pakistan
Asia Society – Asia 21 IPRYLI Fellow 2014
Vocalist, Beygairat Brigade