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From the Streets of Rajasthan

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Creative Commons/Insks Shortage of water, uncultivable barren land, resultant lack of vegetables and extreme weather pose unique challenges in creating cuisines in the

One-pot Meals and Dak Bungalow Chicken amidst Lockdown

India went into a Covid-19 induced national lockdown on March 25, 2020. Soon thereafter, Tanushree Bhowmik, a development professional and food writer based in Delhi


Resort to Panchakarma and Stay Healthy

Shirodhara is one of the integral parts of the Panchkarma treatment. Photo: Dmytro Gilitukha/Shutterstock We begin our search for medicine after we feel ill, but we

Embrace Vitamin C for Winter Skincare

Winter is a beautiful time of year but cold temperatures, harsh winds, and dry air can be aggressive for your skin. Our skin goes through