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World Health Day Special: Dance as a stress buster

You sway or move, walk or stand, shake or still – one thing that binds it all is DANCE! Being the primordial form of expression that the humans have been gifted as an Inbuilt system. Then why few don’t dance? Is that your question? Because we live in a society where connecting to your inner strengths & treasure has become an uphill task with numerous distractions served in a plate for you: Gadgets, self-inflicting disgrace, doubts, urge to learn skills to survive for the time being etc.

We have stopped looking at the immense potential of the Magical body. Our body is the most sophisticated gadget of all times that can lure our interest to no bounds the day we surrender to its capabilities. It dynamic, ever-changing, self-healing and offers peak of curiosity to our unique make. Dancing is not a personalised act but also a universal expression that binds us to wholesome existence within and with outward connects.

You don’t have to master a dance form to be certified as a dancer, and that’s the fascinating thing about dance. Shake, run, talk, jump, drive, laugh whatever you may do offers a unique choreography put together if you observe. Anything that offers a display of Expression, Movement, rhythm, emotion qualifies to be in the gambit of the dancing world. For example: If you are talking to someone, you use your eye, hands etc in a certain manner (mudras) to make steps; your tone defines your intent & rhythm; your expression makes content effective & your emotion drives your entire choreography of talking to your audience the way you wish.

Dance as a stress buster world health day
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Do you now see how effectively dancing is embedded in you? You are stressed because you lack regular expression and the means to let it out. Dance offers you that.

And the good news is that you already are trained in it besides the fact that you never got awareness of appreciating your daily dance skills. Only stage performances don’t qualify to be dance. How we swing with our thoughts to make strategies, make approaches to execute our plans for the day, use gestures to make things happen, respond to rhythm of traffic, nature, a clock in the room, music in the car to our own heartbeat – We are experiencing a magnificent performance each minute of our lives.
The more you connect within with regular dancing the magic shall unfold.

It’s not new to you that dance is good for physical health, gets you good sleep, self-confidence, good metabolism, strength, flexibility etc. So Let’s talk about stuff within us that takes on when we dance. When you dance our body releases neurotransmitters and endorphins which serve to alleviate stress. Neurotransmitters are chemicals within the brain that facilitates to communicate messages throughout the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller to reduce stress and improve the mind’s perception of the world & surroundings. Thus, even after shaking & moving your body in random directions can make the body to feel calm and optimistic as after a synchronised dance choreography.

More often than not, you need to be a more buttoned-up version of yourself and hide much of your inner self when at workplace & also at home. Dancing offers an outlet for you to express who you are in a safe environment through music, movement or even dance costumes! Dancing helps you connect with who you are. Confess your true self while dancing your heart out (remember random steps or no step work here)

Leaning a Dance form is icing on the cake as it helps you to sync your mind body & soul. Brings Focus & clarity in the flow of life as a continuous movement where every phase (step) is a preview of the next transition. You become more observant & appreciative of life & its happenings. It helps you see a problem as an initiative to bring a solution around as a well-defined dance transition.

Besides all the scientific studies available around in history, book & online – DANCE has been a constant source of self-awareness & relief. The more you move & connect with the less stressful life you lead. Remember we don’t have a recycle bin, a button on the keyboard that will flush toxins from our body. We need to move & celebrate our purpose of existence to optimise of days of living with consciousness.

Continue dancing…! And stay in the pink of health!


Text by Jas K Shan

Jasmeet K Shan is the Director of Jas K Shan Dance Dacha in Chandigarh. She started her journey with choreography at the age of 13 and since then, dance has been her life. Jas K Shan’s Dance Dancha aims to revive the purpose of dance (Communication, enjoyment, healing & relaxation) to masses & classes by various dance forms ranging from folk, classical, casual dancing etc under one roof. Jasmeet K. Shan is a State Gold Champion of Latin American Dance sport Championship. Being a Post Graduate in Communications studies, she is working on using dance as an effective tool of communication for all ages and purposes. Various programs are designed for beginners, elementary, advance levels along with special programs for housewives, senior citizens, special kids. You can get details at the website; or from Jas K Shan’s FB Page:

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