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Why we might never achieve gender equality

half_the_skyOnce a woman said to her lover that he should wear mangalsutra and apply sindoor after marriage and phew, he took it in a very offensive manner. He actually started shouting that the woman wanted to make him a janani and have insulted the man in him while it was actually the other way round. Then only she realised that how insulting it is for men to behave like females or even be called as one, a tight slap on the word ‘equality’. The ones who take care of their house, cook food everyday for a lifetime, bear them babies and then taking care of them and the entire family. And all this for what…money, security, safety or love, I ask myself. As far money is concerned women don’t need men, in particular, for it anymore. Safety and security could be a reason but then women might need only physical security which is also in danger by men themselves. Imagine, women need men to save them from men. There have been numerous cases where women have been harmed by men who are supposed to protect them. If only men make sure that they will not harm a woman, safety and security concerns will not prevail. Then, what is that one thing….Love. We all need love but isn’t that a thing we all need, irrespective of the gender. Don’t men like to be loved by their parents, friends and their life partner.

Last year, Rani Mukherjee did a movie called Mardaani…….everything in the movie was great except the title. Why if you are courageous you are compared to a man and should feel honoured in the process but if you are lame then you surely are a woman or like one. We talk about Jehadis brainwashing young minds and killing innocents but what are we doing in the comfort of our homes, are we not brainwashing young innocent minds and creating a dangerous world to live in. If we go by science then humans have evolved from apes, there was no man who carved woman from his ribs….both of them have evolved together. None of them came earlier than the other. The story of Adam and Eve is just a fable, said by Pope Francis himself.

What is more scary is that the new generation, the ‘so-called’ modern breed is falling in the same vicious circle. They want to study in lavish schools, international universities but when it comes to thinking about the core issues, they don’t want to WASTE their time as this is something going on since generations and they cannot change it in a small time and hence, they don’t start it at all.

Women are often called as feminists or men-haters if they talk about gender equality or women empowerment. I was also thinking that why it is mostly the women who crib so much but then only who is hungry will cry for food, why would anyone with filled tummy will say anything.

Text by Supriya Aggarwal

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