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Turkey and its unbeatable hospitality

page-1There are some destinations which you want to explore once in life, and there are some which you always want to go back to….and Turkey is certainly one of them!

Turkey is a blend of vibrant Mediterranean cultures and the enchantment of the East; a combination of the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the international cities and the delighting simplicity of village life.


A land of legendary wealth and generosity, the home of Midas – who turned everything he touched to gold, the birthplace of St. Nicholas – bearer of gifts and tidings, the land of beautiful horses and fairy chimneys and the birthplace of the Lycian civilisation on the land of light. Today what we call Anatolian Civilisations are the results of countless empires, kingdoms flourished and declined in this geography.

Turkey is not only a great country to explore with its rich historical heritage, whose nine locations are on the World Heritage list, but also a perfect destination for leisure holidays, blue cruise, weddings and honeymoons.


As the geographic getaway between East and West, Turkey has for centuries been a perfect host to merchants, adventurers, artists, scientists – all travelling between Europe and Asia. It was here that the Silk Road ended and here too that the arts and sciences of East and West merged to produce layer upon layer of extraordinary cultures and civilisations.

Plan a visit to Turkey and experience the warmth in the Turkish hospitality and taste its cuisines. Here is all what you need to know about Turkey Visa Requirements.


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