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This rainy season, give back to Mother Earth

Mother NatureThe Mother Earth has given us everything in abundance; water, food, air to breathe and lots more but humanly ‘progress’ is taking it towards disasters. This monsoon let’s pledge to give it back what it deserves.

1. Plant a forest
Jamun, mango, custard apple – are all quick-sprouting seeds. The next time you eat them, do not throw the pips away. Wash the seeds and dry them for a day. Store a handful in separate boxes in your car or handbag and simply chuck them on an empty piece of land when you see it. The rains will take care of the rest, and who knows how many trees you will plant this way.

2. Bring a garden home
Even if you don’t have a terrace or balcony, you can contribute to cleaning the air by planting oxygen-generating plants inside your house. Some plants that are low-maintenance as well as will help you breathe easy are spider plant, snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, weeping fig and xanadu. Try planting and growing your own garden. You could have fresh local vegetables right in your back yard.

3. Replace plastics
Plastic is what really causes the drains and Mother Earth to choke. So the next time you blame only the government for those traffic jams in the rains, imagine how much plastic you would have trashed in the garbage. Use coconut fibre instead of plastic scrubbers to clean utensils. A neem wood comb is any day better and healthier than plastic brushes or combs. It not only is bio degradable, but also keeps hair disinfected and dandruff-free in the rainy season.

4. Banish bugs naturally
The rains also bring an army of flies, mosquitoes and bugs into the house. Refrain from chemical anti-mosquitoes and bug-repellants and make some from your kitchen ingredients. Take small pieces of sponge and dab 20-30 drops of eucalyptus oil in each. Place these in various corners to keep your home fly-free. A tulsi-plant or citronella plant at the entrance of your home or in the balcony will repel mosquitoes like never before.

You can even make your own insect repellant lotion. Mix 50ml essential oil (almond or olive) with 10 drops each of cinnamon, eucalyptus, citronella and orange oil. Store in a dark bottle, away from heat and sunlight. Rub a few drops of the natural insect repellent onto skin or clothing, avoiding the sensitive eye area. You can reapply after two hours or after swimming and exercise.

5. Cool down with clay
Instead of refrigerated water from plastic bottles, use a surahi (earthen pot) to drink water from. Exotic, and whats even better, fresh and natural.

6. Store that rain water
If you can, get a plastic tank with a lid and tap attached to store rainwater. If you can’t simply put two empty buckets out in the rain every day and use that water to mop the floor or wash the dishes. Think about it 60 buckets of water saved in a month!

7. Reduce the jam – carpool!
During the monsoon, you spend close to two hours on the road. Still need convincing?

Text by Aarti Kapur Singh
Image source: Pixabay