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The PM’s Wishlist towards better India

The PM's wishlistIf it can make you ponder and not let you leave it until you finish all the pages, then it’s called a good read. The PM’s Wishlist by JK Sachin is one such book, a political fiction and talks about the deep-rooted issues of a country like India and their possible solutions from the eyes of a Prime Minister.

As India recently chose its new Prime Minister, this book would be an interesting read. Though the book is a pure fiction, the ideas are majorly practical and realistic. Now what is the wishlist – it is the list of promises made by a fictitious Prime Minister Sharan Karan in his election manifesto. The good thing about JK Sachin’s writing is that he not gave ideas but also listed ways in which they can be implemented and executed if the top brass takes the initiative to deal with the country’s long prevailing issues.

Ideas like election transparency, Prayaschita (Penance) scheme for black money, involving people in scrutinising government records via project vigilance and making strong defence system seem to be really feasible and for the benefit of the mango people. Another interesting idea is to raise the base tax and hence, reducing the tax slabs. Through this, the taxpayer will get preferential treatment and additional benefits.

The book also raises questions about India’s preparations in working towards the aspiration of becoming a super power country. Security assessment via the concept of AWVI (Advantages, Weaknesses, Vulnerability, Impediments) is a good thought.

Dreaming is good but working on it is hard. But this book tells how to execute the dreams as well. It also goes anti about caste reservations and it says if the basic economic fundamentals are clear; everything will fall into place.

The PM’s Wishlist is a hard-hitting political fantasy and a must read for all.


Text by Supriya Aggarwal


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