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Thailand Not a Land of Flesh But Also a Family Destination

Before travelling to Thailand, I have heard so much about the country, that I was in double mind. It was damn embarrassing, the moment you tell someone you are travelling to Thailand, people used to give those meaningful looks. My condition was even worse as I was travelling with a small kid and husband. I was in a deep dilemma, whether exposing younger one to such place, is a wise thing. But thankfully, I was proven wrong.

Thailand is beautiful, friendly country and also a wonderful family destination. There is so much that a family can do together and a child can have a wonderful time.

Ours was a five night and six-day trip. We landed at Suvarnabhumi airport, there was already a Yatra representative, waiting for us at the airport. Now the word of advice, the representative will suggest you, to get a prepaid sim card, please buy that. It will make your life much easier, and also will place you in the good books of the Thai. We moved towards Pattaya, the connecting highway is terrific, with no honking. After we have checked in at Four Seasons Pattaya hotel, we moved towards Pattaya beach, which was walking distance. Thai hotels are better than Indian hotels, in the same amount,  you can get a decent hotel in Thailand but not in India.

Pattaya beach is a beautiful place, first of all, it is very clean, and secondly, no one will bother you. One can find females offering themselves, but if you are with the family, no one will approach you. It was a magical experience walking down the Pattaya beach. Walking Street is very much nearby; I would suggest an exploration trip. Please don’t visit it for hookers, visit it for the vibrancy, seeing different cultures, witness live Thai boxing matches and also live babes, showcased in the window.

Next day we visited the coral island. Another word of advice, if you have nausea problem, please do carry your vomiting bags, else you will end up paying the huge amount of the penalty. Coral Island, the visit can be suggested because of its turquoise water. I have never seen water changing colours, so beautifully. We had Indian lunch arranged by our representatives. Yup, sitting in the motorboat was an amazing experience.

Next day, we visited Alcazar show. It was breathtaking, the way they introduced us to Thai culture. Different dances showcasing their dress, dance, music, and ambience. We were transported back to the initial Thai era. Please book your ticket in advance; as it is not easy to get the tickets, the queue was very long. They also perform on a Bollywood number; guess what, it was enough to make us Indians go crazy with delight. Alcazar is another lifetime experience, which one shouldn’t miss. I wish we had something like this in India, for the tourists.

Lastly, we visited Noong Nooch village, in one word it is nothing but a beautiful and refined nursery. One can see all kinds of plants along with dummies of animals. It is big, so they take you via bus. Otherwise, you can explore it on foot also. But will suggest you pay 150 baht and board the bus, life will be much simpler.

Every night walk down the Pattaya beach. In my second post, I will cover Bangkok.

Final Verdict: If you are looking for a peaceful holiday, in a decent budget, then Pattaya is the place for you. Also, make it a five-day stay, with pre-decided activities.Don’t forget to take local tuk-tuk ride.


Text and images by Ramya Mishra 

Originally published on Gypsy on Exploration


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