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Rolling stones – travel special

Ye Jawaani hai deewani

“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.” said Hans Christian Andersen.

Some of our most celebrated celebrities also seem to echo this thought. But how do they vacation? Where do they like going? What do they do? As the holiday season is just round the corner, we bring you some travel inspiration from our eternal travellers.

Shah Rukh Khan, Actor

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My parents instilled the love of travelling in me. Though in my space now, it is more a chore – like travelling to a place of work. My father particularly, would encourage us a lot to experience the world and see, hear and feel the differences. Once I was an usher at Pankaj Udhas’s concert in Delhi as a school kid – in fact that was my first ‘job’ I you can call it that. I earned Rs 50 from it and asked my mom what to do. She told me I should go to the Taj Mahal and I did. It was very enriching. I so crave for that luxury, given my schedules, but if I have a choice to escape the cacophony, I would either play with my children – Aryan is away studying but we still have online matches, Suhana takes pity on me and comes cycling, Abram has begun to enjoy rough and tumble. But the best thing to do would be to take a holiday en masse with them all!

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Javed Akhtar, Poet-Lyricist
A holiday is always my best answer to the monotony of life. But it can mean different things at different times. A holiday at our house in Khandala is the best way to spend time with my wife Shabana. For inspiration for writing, I take off to a secluded and picturesque destination. Train journeys are my favourite form of travel. If only the powers that be would bring in some much-needed hygiene to restore the glory of railways.


Kangana 1Kangana Ranaut, Actor
I love being a solo traveller. It is liberating to travel along – even though initially for a day or two you could fret about things you have left behind, your work etc. But slowly your apprehensions evaporate as you soak in the sights and sounds, and stop behaving like a machine. I feel this kind of a pause is very essential in a person’s life. I went to Florence by myself – when I was not shooting and so I could explore the place like a traveller – and I think I am lucky I could do that. I would spend so many evenings in cafes writing with a cup of coffee for company. I love the anonymity of life in Europe or US. People don’t recognize me and it’s fun to see them wonder where they have spotted me!

Ranbir 2

Ranbir Kapoor, Actor
I love travelling, if it is for a holiday. But unfortunately, my work does not allow me to enjoy destinations the way they are meant to be. New York will always be my favourite destination. It is like a second home as I have studied there and cherish many memories of that place. Staying in New York on your own teaches you to be independent and I definitely consider it a great city. Now I really want to go to Brazil and Argentina because I have heard and read a lot about their culture, food, music, women and I want to explore all of that.

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Sonakshi Sinha, Actor
An ideal vacation is time reserved just for me or my family. But unfortunately our holidays as a family are rare because of our individual schedules. But if given the chance, I would like to have a big fat family holiday in Dalhousie where I shot for Lootera. It is such a romantic and scenic place! It is certainly a must visit for the peace and quiet – that enables you to connect with yourself really deeply. I love London for shopping, Paris for its romantic and lively vibe, the Middle East for locations and my home for the way my parents pamper me! In fact pampering myself is my one-point agenda during holidays. So I am forever to be found in spas indulging in some therapy or another. That is the first place I check out in a hotel and I am virtually found there all through my holiday!

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Hrithik Roshan, Actor
I like holidays to be relaxed and languid. I get irritated and edgy if there is a timetable or schedule to be followed. Everything should be leisurely. One shouldn’t be forced to wake up at 4 in the morning just so you can go and see a temple! I do like to see things, enjoy the local food and explore a destination – but it shouldn’t be rushed! That is most important to me.




Text by Aarti Kapur Singh