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An open letter to Delhi by an eight-year-old

Aarjan's open letter to DelhiI was in Delhi last month for my summer vacations and on one of the days, my brother and I visited SMAASH Noida to attend an event where Virat Kohli was the chief guest. There I saw that the crowd just went crazy and out of control as they love the cricketing star.

13523730_10153493647990566_1952692309_oSo when Virat finished his speech and came down to get pictures clicked, the crowd went crazy, they were squashing everyone and the police and security could not handle them.

No one was following rules they were standing in front of the media and didn’t listen when they were asked to move; the police didn’t do anything to control them.

I want to say that the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has to handle the discipline and security of people in this country.

That is one thing that the Government of India has to train the police. India can also learn from nations like Singapore, Dubai, Japan or America. In Singapore, we are careful with security and follow rules. India needs more police force because India has more people. The police need to be modern and maybe be a little strict with people.

Delhi traffic is in a sorry state right now; the chief minister is doing the odd and even thing. He should also give people better buses or train services to use, keep them clean and they should come on time so people do not get late.

Coming from Singapore, I felt things open late in India compared to the country I live in and if they do not open on time tourists will not feel good and might not want to come again.

We can also have more buses for places like Jaipur and Chandigarh because the cars on highway cause traffic.

Delhi also needs to be cleaned, and maybe the chief minister can ban throwing garbage everywhere like Singapore banned bubble gum. Punish people who do not obey the ban.

PM Modi is doing amazing by visiting other countries and asking them to visit India which will make India popular in the world, but he should tell India about the good things he has seen there so they can learn.


Text by Aarjan Talwar

Aarjan Talwar is an eight-year-old boy and lives in Singapore. Born to Indian parents, Aarjan studies in third standard and was recently in Delhi for his summer vacations.