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Oh Womaniya!

Pet Peeves In a WomanWe women are forever raving about how the men need some life coaching. Without being judgemental about the whole man-woman equation, we also must realise that if we point a finger at someone, there are a few pointing right back at us.

To give them a fair chance at what they would like to counter wet towel on the bed, burping in public or other things that irritate us, we spoke with some men in our lives to find out what are some things that bug them about the ‘fairer sex’.

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Riteish Deshmukh

Riteish Deshmukh, Actor-Producer

“The fact that they never forgot is the most annoying thing about women. And this good memory may not always be a virtue. Arre baba forget karoge tabhi toh forgive karoge! If you don’t forget, that means you have not forgiven. A lot of their stresses and those of others will reduce if only women don’t tax their memory so much.”

Mrigank bose


Mrigank Bose, Product Manager
“One of the most baffling things is the OCD about cleaning. Sometimes they end up cleaning the same place over and over again! There has to be some difference between a home – that is warm and lived-in – and a hospital!”

Gursimran Singh


Gursimran Singh, Filmmaker & Owner, The Wedding Film Company
“Not many women understand the concept of ‘cooling off time’. So we have just had an argument or a fight – and we all need time away from the situation to think it through or forget about it! You do too. I find it quite irritating if women ask for an immediate resolution. Nobody is an on or off switch. Time heals everything and patience is a virtue.”


RJ ShrikantRJ Shrikant, Radio Jockey, Red FM, Pune
The word “Nothing” from a woman’s mouth is the most irritating. When uttered by the women who matter to you the most, this word feels like a thousand stars around you simultaneously went nova. Like the mythical labyrinth, all paths that lead to and
out of the utterance of this word are fraught with dangers. If I ever find an
all-knowing genie, I’d want him to tell me how and why women would even
consider the word “nothing” as a perfectly adequate summary of things?

by Aarti Kapur Singh

Image source: Shocialy