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Mother’s Day Special: ‘Grace under fire’

‘Mommy Dearest’,

That’s the way I have stored your name on my cell phone.

I can’t thank you enough for the unconditional love you have showered upon us and sacrifices you have made to keep us protected.

I have only seen you, rise up to any occasion and face each and every situation like a true warrior.

Living in a regressive Uttar Pradesh family was never easy and to raise four daughters, was only a drawback – especially in times when a male child is preferred any day.

You took immense pains to bring us up, morally and educationally. You stood your grounds to see to it, that we were safe and brought up well.

Despite yourself being just a fifth class pass, you were persistent that your four daughters acquire a decent education (post graduation diploma, for three of us) against the conservative attitude as well as the resistance of the members of a large joint family.

It is hard to be a woman, especially when you are being put down and emotionally abused, rather than being celebrated and cherished. But you, Mom, stood like a rock against all odds. I owe my strength and guts to you, Mommy.

I look up to your simplicity, patience and commitment to help me sail through life. Your only contentment was in providing the best for your daughters. Your tenacity and strength of character meant that we have a solid foundation.

As if things weren’t already hard enough for you, God played a cruel game and snatched away our sister, Meenakshi at a tender age of thirty-one, three years ago, after she gave birth to a child.

We can feel the excruciating pain, her loss gives you each day.  We pray to almighty he heals your wounds. A part of you, now gone, isn’t easy to deal with. The void, her demise left in your heart is difficult to deal with.

Still, you are the soothing moon in our life shining softly yet bright…just like your name ‘Shashi’.

Maa, we love you and only wish you good health and peace on this Mother’s Day.

The journey of Life, was never easy for you but for now, allow us to hold your hand and help you witness a beautiful sunset and a glowing sunrise. Our achievement will always be the smile on your face, visible through the wrinkles of struggles you have been through, so far.

We want you to now sit back and relax and let life takes its own course, instead of worrying about how things will occur.

Wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day! Be Blessed always.

Your daughter,

(About the author:

Vijayalakshmi B Kesharwala is a media person-turned-entrepreneur. She is based in Mumbai and you can follow her on her Instagram – vijayalakshmi81)

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