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More solar power to India

Chinnaswamy stadium, Bengaluru
Chinnaswamy stadium, Bengaluru

The recent times have seen a lot of technological achievements for the Indian subcontinents. The space agency, ISRO has successfully launched many satellites while the Indian Navy launched the new stealth destroyer ship INS Visakhapatnam; but one sector which has really done remarkable progress in 2015 is the solar power sector with two major installments.

In April, the Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru became the first-ever cricket stadium in the world to be installed with a roof-top solar plant. This initiative by the Karnataka State Cricket Association is a step ahead in spreading awareness about the solar energy and saving the environment. With a 400 KW capacity, this solar plant can generate 5.90 lakh units per year while saving 600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in a year. Scripting another milestone achievement, the Cochin International Airport became the first airport in the world to operate completely on solar power this month. Oomen Chandy, the Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurated the 12MWp solar power plant which has over 46,000 solar panels.

While the Goverment of India is taking required steps to make solar power reach more people, Inconwith Associates, a consulting firm, conducted the Solar Performance Conference India 2015 in New Delhi. The conference aimed at future-oriented investors and encourage them to invest in energy conservation. With electricity rates going sky high, the country needs to act now.

Chakshina Bansal, founder, Inconwith Associates, addressing the guests at the conference
Chakshina Bansal, founder, Inconwith Associates, addressing the guests at the conference

The conference was anchored by Chakshina Bansal, founder, Inconwith Associates. She emphasised on the fact that solar power generation is clean and cost-effective and it is high time that we start accepting the power of Sun. She also encouraged the investors by quoting the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and praised the way with which he is bringing in a revolution in the Indian solar industry. Many eminent personalities supported the conference which includes Rajeev Bhardwaj, Director (HR) SECI, Rakesh Kumar, Director (PS) SECI, Sunil Gupta, Founder Chairman of Sarc Associates.

Text by Dhruv Bansal

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