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News Bridge Logo
News Bridge Logo

India is a land of umpteen numbers of interesting stories and every hook and corner of this country holds in itself a history. But with the decline of print, many journalists are losing their jobs and with that a chance to voice their findings and stories. To counter this ever-growing problem, two Delhi-based journalists have initiated a global freelance platform, News Bridge. The platform aims to cater the needs of upcoming as well as established journalists and media professionals.

Launched a couple of months back, News Bridge has already signed contracts with prominent international media houses.According to the founders, News Bride is a platform for both Journalists and media houses to support each other in a more organized and professional way. The platform will help journalists and writer to sell their stories to media houses worldwide.

  • Journalists can pitch their stories directly to global media houses with the simple and user-friendly interface of the website and get commissioned if the media house likes their story idea.
  • For media houses, News Bridge will act as a platform where they can get breaking news, features, and a good correspondent network to widen their reach.
  • Freelancers on the ground can send stories in all formats, text, videos, and photos to the media houses.
  • Media houses can also commission freelancers to cover their stories on agreed payments which will help to widen their reach and coverage.
  • News Bridge also has a service of fixers who will act as transits to arrange experts, politicians, and sportspersons for media houses. Our fixers will also work as line producers to fix the high-profile interviews, photo-ops, and celebrity presence.

So, next time if you have a photo, a video or a unique story idea, pitch it to News Bridge and we will find a publisher for you.

Kashmir-born Delhi-based journalist Tawqeer Hussain is the Founder and Managing Editor of News Bridge. He has worked with many national and international media houses and has been reporting on politics, conflict, international relations, and crime.

Tawqeer’s articles and stories appeared in international magazines and tabloids including Herald Sun, American Chronicle, Daily Telegraph, Al Arabiya English, and The Hindu Business Line, among others.

News Bridge is supported by some well-known journalists across the globe. To know more, visit:



Disclaimer: The information has been provided by NewsBridge. The Humming Notes is not responsible for any discrepancy.

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