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Healing Relationships

Healing relationshipsA marriage of peace and happiness… Ah! A dream for most of us, but it can be say relationship experts. They say good coordination is the key to make relationships work.

I am not talking about a couple relationship alone, but all kinds of relationships—mother and child, father and mother, friends, boy and girl, just friends, husband and wife, child and father, girlfriend and boyfriend…relationships are the base on which the universe moves. Madhu Kotiya, a Delhi-based therapist, says, “Changing lifestyles and superficial living are the cause of discordance between people. Spiritual healing has always helped people form good relationships. And there are many spiritual ways of healing cords, and the last eight years have seen a shift in the awareness system. More and more people are now opting for healing therapies to improve their lives and have cordial relationships.”

Spiritual healing therapies work on the root cause of the problem and try to bring the person out of the vicious circle of bad relationships. Some interesting therapies:

Meditation and breathwork

Relationship issues are emotionally draining. So the foremost thing that needs to be sought towards healing the person is to counsel them. In the process, an insight is provided as to how and why such things have happened. Meditative and breathing techniques help to release all the stored negative energy in the form of fears and hurt.

Tea Leaf Reading

This is the study of the shapes made by the leaves; the reader has to consider their size, clarity and position in the cup. The patterns formed on the inside of the cup trigger psychic insight; and are interpreted according to what they mean to the seer. Life coach and spiritual therapist Neera Sareen says, “This therapy is often clubbed with Coffee Cup reading. Coffee Readings are psychic readings done by using a cup of coffee as though it’s a crystal ball. Ground Turkish coffee is mostly used when cup readings are done. Coffee cup and Tea leaf Reading sessions are targeted towards providing guidance and insights in regards to the association of the couples in totality.”

Angel Therapy

Angel therapists say every individual is guarded by an angel who helps them in difficult times. One just needs to invoke those angels. The purpose of this therapy is to restore harmony and balance to the subtle anatomy and in doing so, to bring peace and clarity into all aspects of one’s life. According to Shoheli Biswas, this is one of the most effective therapies as it focuses on the root cause of the problem and heals it at a very deeper level. Biswas tells that people often try to find flaws in their partners and put the blame on them. The best way to help any relationship is to dig deep down into patterns that are repeating and find out why they are present. Sometimes, it is an undesirable pattern picked first as a child or even when first faced with some painful emotional experience. And then, that pattern keeps repeating.


Another way of healing relationships is through vaastu. Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal writes in MahaVastu, “We can check the accurate root cause of disturbance in relationships on the basis of the 4-Step Vastu Method, i.e, effects of an entrance, rooms, five elements and interior objects. On the basis of this analysis, there are over 16 Vastu correction scientific techniques with which we can decide and apply most suitable Vastu remedies to heal the relationships without making structural changes in the building.”

Colour Therapy

Colour therapy is popular as with the use of colours, in terms of personal and home environment, the couple would derive optimal benefit to maintain a healthy, fresh and vibrant relationship. Scotland-based energy healer Robin Bela says that the main focus is to help the person move quickly from a place of being stuck to moving forward and thinking positive.

What the people say

All of us want beautiful relationships in our life but often do not reach to the definite root of the problems. But a marketing professional, Reema Sharma says, “I am genuine to my feelings, respect and allow what I feel. I first give myself time before others, whenever I need to.”

“I am relaxing into this new-found peace to just accept happiness more and more. And that alone is my soul’s job, to accept and say yes,” acknowledges Rovil Jain, a professor.

So, go ahead, gift your loved ones a reason to be happy forever!


Text by Supriya Aggarwal

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