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Five must-have travel hacks

Your travel companions are here
Your travel companions are here

Some easy travel hacks to making living out of the suitcase easier for the globetrotters amongst us.

1. The Book Light

Block Light 2Image credit:

Customized for the smart traveller, this is a great gadget for the bookworm-type traveller. The device is perfect for people who want to read in the dark without disturbing fellow travellers. It is a unique reading light which can be clipped onto the book and the flexible hose can be adjusted to focus the beam wherever required. The funky gadget can be switched on or off with a simple brick button with pre-fitted batteries and diffused LED lights. The range is available in six shades and resembles Lego-like building bricks. Designed by The Company Called F, this sweet little light is available at
Price: Available on request

2. Belkin AC Anywhere+USB+200Wbelkin

Image credit: Belkin

At a place where you can’t charge your phone? Simply pull out a portable charger. Or even better, invest in a multitasking charger. Belkin AC Anywhere+USB+200W allows you to charge a number of devices on the go. This magical lifesaver has a USB port, a car-charging adaptor as well as a 200-watt power plug! This certainly is a must have!
Price: Rs. 1,883

3. SteriPen Traveler

steripenImage credit: SteriPen

This is your portable water purifier. And don’t let its size fool you! This little baby can clean about 200 half-litre servings of water. All this powered by just two AA batteries. After purifying it, you can store the water in a small bottle to fit in your backpack.
(Though not available in India it can be ordered online for just $49.99)

4. Handbag Organiser

A handbag organiser is the answer to every woman who feels she has a tool or solution for everything. If you can’t find it in your bag when you need it, there is no point having it, right? The handbag organiser is a perfect companion of every woman whose handbag is her whole world and holds everything from cosmetics to gadgets, stationery as well as toiletries. With this multi-pocketed organiser, you don’t have to go rummaging or have the entire contents of your bag outside before you find that hand sanitizer.
Price: Rs 400 onwards

5. Smash Cup

smash cup 2
It was known as the Smash Cup in its earlier avatar. The Stojo Pocket Cup is leak-proof, collapsible and eco-friendly. It fits in your trouser pockets as well.

by Aarti Kapur Singh