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Do the difficult for a better tomorrow

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In today’s fast-paced life, we run after achieving our goals that are majorly materialistic. The rising level of competition has only added fuel to the fire. Constant stress is the byproduct of this running around. Media is a demanding profession and being an introvert didn’t help me at all. So my first challenge was to come out of my shell and express myself to people. It is one of the most difficult things to do and especially because we, introverts, become too comfortable with ourselves. I started voicing out my opinions with friends, family and at times in front of the mirror as well. Reading the newspaper aloud helped me to get over the hesitation as well. All these practices led to speaking in editorial meetings with confidence and slowly my ideas started getting appreciation. Another biggest challenge that took maximum time to win over was losing weight. After a turbulent hormonal misbalance and extra 22 pounds, it was a real struggle to get rid of the fat. Almost two years passed in vain. While looking for a video on YouTube, I came across this new advertisement video by ICICI Lombard Do the difficult campaign where a man is shown fighting his desires to fulfill a promise he made to his daughter – to get fit. A promise that will lead him towards a better and healthy future.

The video brought back all the memories – my fight against flab, disappointments, confusions, changing doctors, nutritionists, gyms, diet charts and schedules. As I was already struggling with a thyroid disorder, meditation also helped me calm myself. Nothing worked initially, and disappointment is all that I got. But slowly I collected myself, started the whole process again and this time, it worked. I managed to lose around 16 pounds within three months with a super diet by Dr Varun Katyal and walking a minimum of 20 minutes daily. The new health and wellness program in Do the difficult campaign by ICICI Lombard gives various benefits such as yoga and gym reimbursements, nutrition consultation, sports and fitness therapy to help you clear your confusions. I wish I also had someone to guide me, maybe I would have achieved my goal earlier.


Text by Supriya Aggarwal

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