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Develop a great team and team culture

Great Team-PixabayIn today’s dynamic business environment, the answer to consistent good performance and low attrition rate depends on the business leader’s capability to develop a great team and superb team culture. In other words, a great culture enables success, builds team fabric and attracts talent.

So what is a great team or how will we find if a team is great or not? The first identity of a great team is that it adds leverage, divides work and multiplies success. Its members are driven by ambition, feeling of oneness and gets constantly inspired and motivated by their leader. In a great team, feedback to team members acts as a compass that enables the members to validate their direction.

How can a leader develop an amazing team and superb team culture?

  • Leaders should realise that people don’t need micromanagement rather they need an ecosystem where they can deliver their best.
  • Such an ecosystem can be created if people are given the autonomy, i.e. control over their work, allowed to pursue mastery over their work and given a strong purpose of working.
  • Trust is the base of a great team culture because people only do their best work when they are trusted upon. With traditional “command-and-control”, people will comply at the best. With trust and empowerment, they will exceed the expectations.
  • In a great team employee and team, feedbacks are shared early and often. Feedback validates the direction and helps in course correction.
  • In a great team, leaders ask team members to avoid small talk within the team and encourage them to address issues directly.
  • In a great team, people share the same vision, but not accountability. It’s good to establish clear roles, responsibilities and accountabilities early on.


Text by Shivani Misri Sadhoo

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Counsellor, Psychologist and Founder, Saarthi Counselling Services

Shivani Misri Sadhoo is a psychologist based in Delhi. She is a certified relationship counsellor with specialised training and experience in the field of marital problems, relationship difficulties, child and adolescent issues, stress and anxiety. Shivani can be reached at

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