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Book review: The Hiding by Dhruva

‘The Hiding’ is a story about a boy named Aman who lived with his mother and father. His father was a scientist. He was six when he lost his mother, and six months later, his father died in a car accident. He started staying with his uncle, aunt, and his sister. The room where his father worked was now a storeroom. One night, his uncle and aunt went to the cinema. When they left, Aman went up to the storeroom. It was a scary dark room. But he didn’t know that it was actually a different world!! He was walking when something held him by his shoulder. He screamed in fear but then he turned back and saw a spacesuit. There was no one inside it! Then how was it walking?! He was very frightened. He had many questions in his mind. But there was no answer. Then the spacesuit said, “Wear me!” Aman opened the spacesuit’s zip and wore it.

With a big wooooooossssshhhh!!!!! The spacesuit took Aman up in the sky. He realized that he was in the space. Just then the glass of the helmet became a T.V. There was something written on it like Gearth, Pearth, Dearth, etc. He said to the spacesuit, “What is Gearth”? The screen showed the picture of the earth, a green planet looking like the earth. Suddenly, the spacesuit started falling down. Aman said, “Where am I going?!?! Hey!!” But there was no answer from the suit. He had landed on the Gearth. There were birds chirping, butterflies chattering. It was looking like Aman had landed in the heaven. After that Aman rested for a while near the coast. And he started dreaming. After having a nap, Aman saw a light coming out of the sea. What was it? Aman wanted to know what was it. He dived into the sea. The spacesuit had activated the oxygen inside the helmet. As Aman swam down, the light was becoming brighter and brighter. Soon, Aman entered the trench from where the light was coming. He kept moving and saw a shining object in the trench. It was beautiful. It was shining bright enough to make someone go blind. Aman thought to touch it. He touched it! It was a crystal! Yes, it was a crystal having its own powerful light!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise by telling you the rest of the story, but this book is essentially an adventure story that talks about Aman and his exploits. The best thing I liked about the book is how one adventure leads to the other.

It is also amazing to know that the story has been written by someone who is as old as I am – Dhruva or Dhruvaditya Tiwari is just eight years old. And I must congratulate him for writing this book that I enjoyed a lot. Sometimes I read books that have a lot of words that I don’t know and I have to look at the dictionary for their meaning. But in ‘The Hiding’, the way Dhruva has told the story is very simple and also very imaginative. There are some illustrations too that are simple and go with the story. I like the fact that there aren’t too many drawings or the book would have become a comic.

I think this is a book that everyone will enjoy. I liked it so much that I finished it within two days!

‘The Hiding’ will make a very nice gift for your friends also. Thank you, Dhruva! This was a very nice story. Maybe you can even write more books on Aman and his adventures! I will be happy to help you if you want me to!

Price of The Hiding: INR200
Publisher: Author’s Pride Publishers


Text and images by Angadveer Singh

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review Angadveer! I am equally courage to write more. Aman and his adventures is a wonderful idea indeed. I look forward to taking your help I future of course!

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