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Book review: Destiny of Shattered Dreams

Destiny of Shattered Dreams cover imageDestiny of Shattered Dreams is an insider’s account of what goes on in the corporate and big businesses in India. The nexus between businesspeople, underworld and politicians is clearly etched out. This fictional drama has a heady mix of power and passion, ambition, deceit and drama, lost love, lust and regret. It charts the journey of an ordinary middle-class guy, Atul Malhotra and his rise in business in just a decade. The story is a flashback account of his rise and fall both personally and professionally. The reader can very well identify with the content as familiar headlines; one comes across in newspapers quite often. The story is not new, but it has been weaved together as a whole in an interesting manner, to keep the interest of the reader alive. All the characters are well defined and distinct from each other. The author has not left any loose ends.

For those interested in Hindi-Urdu poetry, this book has many original writings by the author, when he is philosophising events, as they unfold. For example:

‘ Sitaro ko apna banana ke liye,
Chiraago ki roshni dhundhu
Raah tak raha hun main,
Rahon mein sitaro ki parchayi dhundhu’
(To make my own the stars, I search for the radiance of the lanterns…
I keep gazing over the avenue, in search of silhouettes of the stars in the pathways…)


‘ Itne unche ude ke laut ken na aa sakey…
aasmaan chune ke aaibh mein wapis na ja sakey…’
(Soared so high that there was no coming back, chose the highs of the skies so that there is no going back..)

The language is not ambiguous and flows effortlessly. But the writer could have stopped going overboard with philosophy and a lesser number of proofing errors would have made the book a reader’s delight.

But all in all, Destiny of Shattered Dreams is an admirable attempt by Nilesh Rathod. A good one time read for fiction lovers.


Text by Tasneem Dhinojwala

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