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Blooming with culinary innovation and aromatic delight

BloomsThe love for continental food is widespread in the city of Delhi. Earlier smooth and relaxed life has turned into a running treadmill for in this city and in all this running, one place that is open to serve the hungry tummies is Blooms. This 24-hour multi-cuisine restaurant is set in the plush Eros Hotel at Nehru Place. Recently, the restaurant launched its new menu and it was quite interesting to review the new options.

The minimal yet classy décor of the restaurant is surely a perfect place for corporate meetings, family outings or a lazy hang out with your gang. The restaurant offers both inside and outside sitting options. With both A la carte and buffet menu options, Blooms offer an array of international cuisines including Continental, Indian, Mediterranean, Asian, Lebanese and Italian. Drifting away from the regular à la carte style, the new menu is more picturesque giving guests a glimpse of what is going to be on their platter.

Chef Suprabhath Roy, the Executive Chef at Eros Hotel has been working immensely to churn out creative ideas at the restaurant. This time it is the section called ‘Soul Food’; this offers variety to comfort foods such as Mac & Cheese, Mezze, Thai Curry, Fish and much more. Another highlight on the new menu is the enhanced range of grilled specialities.

We received a warm welcome by Chef Manoj Rawat, Executive Sous Chef; who remained our guide of the day. We had chosen to try the A La Carte menu and the vegetarian delicacies henceforth. What also caught our attention were small symbols on the menu which state vegetarian, nuts and healthy dining option. When asked about the same, Chef Manoj explained that it is to tell the guests beforehand that some of the dishes contain nuts and if allergic, they can ask the Chef so. The dished marked as ‘Healthy dining option’ are made with minimal oil and spices.

Following the old tradition, we started our meal with the Roasted Tomato Basil Soup, the tiny ricotta dumplings melts into the basil infused roasted plum tomato soup served with tomato and gives a delightful aroma. The soup enhanced our hunger three-fold. To start with the meal, Chef Manoj offered us a bountiful of new dishes.

Bruschetta, freshly toasted baguette with goat’s cheese and cinnamon poached fig, was a treat for the taste buds with sweet fig balancing out the crunchiness of the bruschetta. Next one was Calzone, younger brother of Pizza. It is folded pizza filled with vegetables brushed with basil pesto. Serve with crisp salad and tomato sauce, Calzone can be delightful for kids. But beware; it is steaming hot from inside. The dishes came flowing with Croquette being the next offering.

Different from its regular counterpart, this croquette is deep-fried zucchini and mushroom barrels served with marinated salad leaves, feta crumble and toasted pine nut.

Moving towards the main course, we tried Italian and Mediterranean. First, it was BlooCroquettems’ Signature Cepe and Ricotta Tortellini. From the family of pasta, it is stuffed with cepe mushroom and fresh ricotta served with asparagus, wilted spinach and tomatoes. It was a mouthful treat and pleased every taste bud. Chef Suprabhath gave an interesting information that the name of pasta is based upon its shape. Then we tried the Vegetable Pastilla. If you think it is another form of pasta, then let me tell you it is just the opposite. A traditional Moroccan dish, Pastilla is a pie which combines sweet and salty flavours; a combination of crisp layers of the crêpe-like werqa dough with different fillings. At Blooms, you will get one filled with zucchini, almond and caramelised onion garnished with roasted red pepper and pomegranate coulis. After all the yummy food, our tiny stomachs stretched huge but more was in store. Chocolate Degustation, the signature dessert of Blooms; chocolate cake with oozing warm chocolate sauce was simply irresistible.

Vaishali Dar has been a perfect host during the afternoon. We highly recommend the menu at Blooms.

Timings: A la Carta Menu — 24 hours; Lunch: 12 pm to 3 pm; Dinner: 7 pm to 11 pm
Address: Blooms, Lobby Level, Eros Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019

Text by Supriya Aggarwal

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