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Behind the scenes at Numero Uno

Numero Uno factory visitWe all have our best pair of jeans lying in our closet, perfect fit and that amazing colour. But do we really care that how our favourite pair of denim is made? No, right? But recently, THN paid a visit to Numero Uno factory in Gurgaon, where we saw firsthand of how Numero Uno creates their jeans. The entire journey from design to laundry was an unforgettable experience indeed. The history of the group dates back to 80s when Mr Narinder Singh, MD, Numero Uno Clothing Ltd saw a vision to make denim accessible to a common man.

The energetic team from Numero Uno accompanied us throughout the manufacturing process, which is majorly divided into three parts: Design, Production and Laundry.

The design and product development are done one season in advance; it involves a lot of research and development. Studying the International forecast and trends, to come out with something abiding by the Indian tastes, preferences and be economical at the same time, is a hard deal to crack.

The Numero Uno stores are bustling with vibrant shades of yellow and red for the autumn/winter collection this year. They have ample of options in denim, jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters and shirts in varying washes and colours. So gear up and be ready to stuff yourself with winter season’s first purchase.

Once the designs are finalised, the denim is put into the production stage.

The denim then goes through a tedious process to get that perfect fit. Production stage comprises of cutting, stitching and finishing which in Numero Uno is done by the perfect blend of high-tech machinery and manual assistance.

The denim cloth is first cut into pattern pieces from stacks 100 layers thick. Once the pieces are cut, they are sewn, 11 to 15 parts are stitched to make a pair of jeans, using high-tech machines.

Next comes the finishing, variety of treatments are applied to cloth after it is stitched. The cloth is brushed to remove loose threads and lint, and the denim is usually skewed in a way that will prevent it from twisting when it is made into clothing.

Denim cannot be called so unless it is washed. Laundry and drying is the heart of production process. Through processes such as laser patterns, hand scrapping, ozone bleaching etc. the denim assumes its true shape and character.

Environment-friendly Production:
Washing is perceived as the most polluting stage with chemical discharge affecting the environment. Numero Uno has procured an efficient and environmental-friendly machine “G2” from Jeanologia– world’s largest manufacturer of environment-friendly laundry machines. It is a waterless machine that washes jeans with about 60% less water and almost no chemical. Numero Uno is one of the few companies in India which is using this machine.  Other than G2, water harvesting process, ETP plant, and solar heaters are some of the other green moves that makes the group class apart.

Customized Fun!
At the end, beyond the basic fabric and design consideration, Numero Uno had little more to offer which is quite unique and a maiden concept “Denim tattoos”. Well if you are afraid of getting inked, you still have an alternative; getting a customized tattoo made on your denims permanently through lasers. Facility is available at the store and in no time you can have a tattoo imprinted on your denims.


Text by Mehak Sharma

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