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Andy’s Boutique, a home away from home for Mumbaikars

City breaks are always great but what’s even better is ditching the crowd and concentrate on something that is perhaps not so rustic. So here’s a good news. On the northwest coast of Mumbai in the Madh Island a young brain, who gets an utmost pleasure in shaping up the best possible facilities for his guests, Andy, has designed the extravaganza boutique hotel called Andy’s Boutique.

It’s a weekend getaway resort, built in the middle of nature. There’s just not one speciality of this place, which I can take as a lead for this article and work around but many. It’s Andy’s well-kept secret that at least Mumbaikars should definitely know about. I called it a secret because Andy has been working on this site, building it brick by brick for quite a long time now.

You’re home as soon as you enter this place. You will have some beautiful smiles greeting you right at the entrance with a soothing welcome drink – coconut water with the sumptuous crumbs. The place has a capacity to accommodate about 350 people. It has been planned so well that it might as well not look packed even after accommodating that number of people.

The place also has six beautifully built cottages with grand interiors where each article is thoughtfully placed. The names of these cottages are kept after different flowers – rose, marigold, lily, bougainvillea, and sunflower. The cottages justify their respective names as they are filled with an ambience of those flowers. Not just the rooms, they have the most splendid washrooms inside the cottages – with the Buddha statues placed inside each – which gives it a sense of a place where you can contemplate, meditate, and relax.

There are multiple sitting areas within the resort, with each one of them signifying a unique setting of its own, not just the ambience but the mood as well. Starting from Havana, which is a rooftop restaurant built with comfy sofas to chill, to sundown terrace built in a way that you can appreciate the beautiful sunset view with a soothing drink to relax yourselves. And then there’s Exotica, the exclusive dining area. Each artefact placed here has been exclusively handpicked. It’s not just the décor, but the food which is delicious and will keep calling you back. They served us a seven-course meal fitted out at regular intervals to ensure that we cherish it and our taste buds could do justice to each delicacy. The place represented the epitome of exotic tastes and spirits. And then they also have a sunny poolside area, felix bar and the in-room dining. The in-room dining is designed alongside each cottage to help the personal butler to look after all the needs while the guest can relish and cherish the royal adobe.

Besides this, the poolside view adds the icing to the cake. What’s surprising is that the pool water that they use is filtered RO water. A poolside bar serves all the much-needed elite drinks to make your day.

Lastly, the exquisiteness of this place is as the sun falls and it becomes darker, the ambience transforms to give it a sense of a different place altogether with the most beautiful VIBGYOR lights surrounding every nook and corner of the place.

Andy took eight long years to finish this place. He asserts that it’s not the money, but the passion that was the incentive to bring Andy’s boutique to life and each thoughtful artefact placed there to tell the same tale. I recommend that words won’t do justice and you all must see it to believe it.


Text and images by Kamya Kandhari

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