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Alanna Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap review

I must say I have something for handmade soaps. Nothing leaves me weaker in the knees than a soft and creamy bar of handmade soap. So when I was sent a sample of Alanna’s Rose and Geranium Face and Body Soap, I was rather excited at the prospect of letting out my inner Cleopatra all over again.

The outer paper packaging for this soap (Rs 175 for 100gms) was just so tastefully elegant – an off-white with a drawing of the Taj Mahal and gold lettering and all that – I was already feeling like royalty. But what completely blew me was the fragrance of the soap as I opened the packaging and removed the soap-paper wrapping. It was unlike ANYTHING I had ever smelt before!

For some, it could be overpowering, but I think it is ideal for hot summer months when the profusion of sweat and grime is making you reach out for the deodorant every now and then. The fragrance of the soap lasted on my skin for a good four hours!

The soap itself is also pure and divine natural ingredients. In fact, you can see the rose and geranium petals in the soap. Roses have been equated with languid and luxurious baths by royalty since time immemorial. In Elizabethan England, they believed that roses evened out skin blemishes. Nicknamed the “queen of all flowers,” rose is the best for mature skin because of its hydrating properties and its ability to heal because of the presence of vitamin C. Rose also works wonders for purifying and preserving the skin because it fights dryness, reduces redness and regenerates ageing skin. Not just that, the other major floral ingredient, geranium (a plant that is native of South Africa) has been lauded in aromatherapy as an uplifting, calming and balancing fragrance that is excellent for circulatory problems and promotes healthy skin.

The heavenly scented Rose and Geranium soap (that is definitely bigger in size than most other soaps) is infused with the goodness of these two powerful flowers that hydrate and revitalise the skin along with reducing the wrinkles and toning the muscles. The other ingredients are Aqua, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Sesame Oil, Rose Petals, Titanium Dioxide, Palmrose Essential Oil, Geranium Essential Oil and Lye. The soap is 100 per cent vegetarian and free from sulphate, and paraben. This soap is not mass produced, instead, it is made in a small but efficient Indian kitchen.The other important thing that works in favour of this product is that it is PETA certified – it has not been tested on animals. So two thumbs up to that!

I use the soap directly on the wet skin – the lather that is formed is soft and creamy – not like chemical-laden soaps that seem to dry the skin even while you are bathing. The skin feels nourished, in a rather luxurious way, post the bath. In a week’s regular use, I noticed that my skin was smoother to touch and skin texture was more even and supple. Harsh and dry winters had left the skin on my hands with a few really fine wrinkles. I am noticing that those have gone away.

The only thing you need to remember is to store the soap in a clean and dry dish so it won’t just dissolve away. And yes, the packet also says that it must be kept away from direct sunlight.

This soap is a keeper! The fragrance that stays in my bathroom all day long is an added uplifter. I am sold on this one!


Text and images by Aarti Kapur Singh

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